Dating Agency: Cyrano

Dating Agency: Cyrano
PLOT: A romantic-at-heart girl joins three guys who run an agency that helps overlooked people win the love of their life.
OPINION: A fun, short and sweet show. It runs closer to the usual “American” television runtime – 45 mins (compared to the 1 hr and 10 mins that most K-dramas usually run). It was whimsical, silly at times, but always fun with great, consistent characters. The last two episodes took a sudden turn towards dark territory (let’s just say the villain was trying to bring some Lost creepy vibe on, lol), but things quickly get sunshiny by the end.
CONTENT: A brief discussion between a girl and guy about how guys only want sex, occasional mild innuendo in conversation (but nothing that really comes to mind), a scary villain threatens people with violence, a couple guys get bloodied, kissing

STARS: 4.5 out of 5


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