Faith a.k.a The Great Doctor

Faith/The Great Doctor*
PLOT: Eun Soo, a plastic-surgeon, is kidnapped by an ancient warrior and taken through a portal to the past where she must save the life of a dying queen.
OPINION: Okay, I have to admit - I really enjoyed this fun, romantic epic. Probably more than the show was worth, lol. It’s pretty obvious that the show could’ve upped the epic feel, fixed their sometimes choppy editing, and cut out some cliché plot-points (the first 2 episodes were especially slow). But I really loved the characters. My favorite was the heroine, Eun Soo. I loved her funny, spunky personality. The hero, played by the popular Lee Min Ho, was my second favorite, what with his I’m the awesome warrior persona. I’m kinda a sucker for the loyal, courageous warrior character.
The romance between king and queen was what kept me watching during the beginning, though, as Eun Soo’s romance with the warrior doesn’t really begin until further into the story. I loved the tension between king and queen. And I loved the broTP with the king and his warrior.
I wished the villains could've been handled better. The main villain really wasn't that menacing, which maybe why they kept introducing other villains throughout.
At any rate, I would encourage anyone to give this fun, cute show a chance. I think you might have a lot of fun by the end.
CONTENT: kissing; an unmarried couple lie in bed together fully clothed and sleep holding hands; some violence and blood (nothing graphic); characters have supernatural abilities (shoot lightning, create fireballs) but are never explained; a young boy is poisoned in a fairly disturbing, intense scene and begs for death to end his pain; a girl gets her fortune read a couple times (I fast-forwarded the fortune-telling. It has very little bearing on the story, except to reveal the heroine is looking for romance); some drinking

STARS: 5 out of 5

*K-dramas often have several translated titles. You may have to look for them under their different names.


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