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K-Dramas: Five Reasons Why

The Great Queen Seon Deok
About two years ago, I had never heard the word k-drama before.
Until I happened to stumble onto a show called the Great Queen Seon Deok, a Korean drama, or k-drama. I decided to watch it – and therein began my journey into the wonderful world of Korean television.
Later on, I realized that what I watched was a historical Korean drama, or saguek, which are notoriously long (QSD was 62 episodes, people). But then I always loved period dramas, and I’d occasionally seen a martial arts movie, so I always knew I liked Asian stuff. I admit that QSD is not the most amazing drama out there (it is pretty slow, drags things out forever, has some cheesy actors, etc, lol) but I instantly fell in love with the beautiful costumes, fascinating historical culture, and the boss martial arts fighting (QSD, unlike other saguek, has fanciful martial arts, similar to that of Chinese movies).
Initially, I thought I only wanted to watch saguek k-dramas. But then I watched My Princess, a run-of-the-mill K-drama, about a girl in modern day Korea who learns she is the last living descendant of the royal family that died out... a show that’s leads were so adorable I loved every sappy second of it…
And before you know it, I became a k-drama fan.

So in this post, I’d like to give some reasons why you might try watching a K-drama:
11.)    K-dramas are short!
         Now I know I just said that QSD was 62 episodes, but that’s because it’s a saguek. Most k-dramas, and some fusion saguek, run from 16 to 24 episodes long.
22.)    K-dramas rarely have more than one season!
         Trust me, this is a good thing! I can’t tell you how many American shows I've watched that were butchered because the creators wouldn't let it end (uh, Happy Days anyone?) or because they had so many seasons they had to keep dragging things out until it got out of hand (I’m looking at you Lost). In a 16 episode drama, you have a complete story arc that has AN ENDING that TIES EVERYTHING UP!!! It’s like watching a really long movie, or a long miniseries. You get more of the characters, more story, without it dragging on, you just get bored of it.
33.)    K-dramas show you a different culture.
         I love culture. I find it fascinating to look at why other people from other countries do what they do, and I love finding the similarities in all cultures. Korean culture is particularly interesting to me with the emphasis on respect or filial duty, which is different over here.
44.)    K-dramas are fun!
         Lol. This is definitely true but it’s also dependent on personal opinion and taste, like every show is. Some shows can be pretty silly, inane or boring (and I’ve seen some doozies, trust me). It helps to try and look up about the show beforehand, maybe read a review, read what it’s about. If you see people ranting on and on about its over-the-top makjang melodrama you just might want to skip it, ;)
55.)    K-dramas are becoming popular over here in the States.
         This means that it’s not that hard to find most K-dramas. In fact here are some safe websites that are licensed to show subbed k-dramas –
                                                               i.  (a licensed website that shows mostly American tv shows – and k-dramas. I watch Once Upon a Time and most tv shows on Hulu.)
                                                             ii.  (they are affiliated with hulu, and often sub the shows for hulu. You will find most k-dramas on their website. It does not cost anything to sign up and they ask for little personal info.)
                                                            iii.   (a fansub website that has licenses to sub shows)

                                                           iv.  (this is a review website only! No videos here. But they have detailed reviews of sooo many k-dramas.)


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