Protect The Boss

Protect the Boss (also known as The Last Secretary)
PLOT: A down-on-luck woman, who can take out a guy or two with her martial arts she learned from her dad, gets a job as a secretary and P.A. for a paranoid rich-boy. Only, he’s decided he’s in love with her…
OPINION: So cute! Funny and more cute. I loved this show, which, IMHO, was almost a subtle spoof of all the office k-dramas. The show can be pretty crazy (not as crazy as Community or American comedy shows though, lol), but also at times dramatic or just plain fun.
The characters were adorable and engaging. I thought the lead actor’s crazy phobias (played for comedy) hilarious and even at times touching. I loved his journey to become free of it all to win his love. Also, the girl power rocked; really enjoyed seeing a girl who stands up for herself but is also mature, compassionate and honest.
CONTENT: a man makes an advance on a female employee, the heroine goes to the men’s bathroom and attacks the guy hitting on her coworker (in a crazy, rather comedic event) and threatens him to leave girls like that alone; a girl and guy contemplate their former fling (they describe it as hormonal attraction); a guy sleeps over at two girls’ apartment on the floor; a girl sees a guy in his bright-colored boxers; rumors circulate that a secretary is sleeping with her boss; a girl and guy lie on a bed together and stare at one another; a guy stays over at a girl’s apartment (it is unclear if they sleep together); some drinking, a girl has brief day-dream fantasies where one guy comes onto her & another where she shares two lovers, a lot of comedic fighting, scuffling, and hitting; (*warning* - if you watch this show, or any K-drama, you may notice that often parents strike their adult children all the time, on the arms and shoulders, whenever they are angry. Not sure why this is a staple in k-dramas.)
(my) RATING: PG-13 (a Spider-Man PG-13)
STARS: 5 out of 5


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