The Messenger

The Messenger
AUTHOR: Siri Mitchell
PLOT: A wounded soldier now Patriot spy must help Patriots escape from a British prison but the only person with access inside is a Quaker girl.
OPINION: Oh I Loved this story! So well-written, engaging, and intriguing. I loved the characters who I felt were very deep and deftly handled. I will say that this is not a "romance" novel, in that romance is not the primary focus of the story. This didn't bother me at all since I found the story so engaging, but I've read reviews of others that were disappointed about that.
CONTENT: a few kisses, a girl is mentioned to have been raped by a British soldier, two other girls were manhandled by British soldiers, a surgery scene is described, occa. talk of blood, death, etc
(my) RATING: mild PG
STARS: 5 out of 5


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