Cascade (River of Time Series, book #2)

Cascade (River of Time Series, book #2)
AUTHOR: Lisa Bergren
PLOT: Two sisters time-travel through an Italian tomb to medieval time where they fall in love and became warriors fighting for ancient Siena.
OPINION: Oh how I love the River of Time series! Absolutely riveting and fun. This is story-telling that is pure fun. Where do I even start? This is probably the first 1st person POV about a teen girl that didn't feel like the main character was selfish, annoying, or brat-faced (lol. I think I just made a word up.) Gabriella is utterly relatable and yet totally boss. And her love interest, Marcello, oh my goodness! I'm a sucker for chivalrous knight dudes who love their ladies to the death - and Marcello is definitely one of those guys. Not to mention all the side characters are well-written and fascinating! Every part of this book is great. My only complaint would be that it is actually a bit intense in my opinion. I don't think that when I had been a young teenage girl I could've handled reading all the violence and torture and stuff. I think I just found another favorite book to my top ten list.
CONTENT: violence/gore/torture, allusions/threats of what dangers a woman might face if captured by the enemy, girl changes clothes behind screen when captor is nearby/he sees her in a loose tunic-shirt, imprisoned girl is forced to sleep near a male guard
MY RATING: PG-13 (on a rating level par with Spider-Man 2, Stardust, or Pirates of the Caribbean)

STARS: 4.5 out of 5


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