Love's Sacred Song

Love's Sacred Song
AUTHOR: Mesu Andrews
PLOT: Solomon has just been crowned king but his nation is still on shaky legs as Judah and Israel continue to fester with jealousy and anger at one another. A Shulammite judge, though, believes he has an answer for peace with a treaty bride marriage for Solomon and his shepherdess daughter who has loved David's son since the moment she saw him.
OPINION: This was an entertaining and romantic story, with a great message of Christ's love. I really loved how Mesu Andrews deftly put this story together and reading about ancient Israel was really interesting. I admit it was somewhat difficult to imagine an epic romance between the hero and heroine when Solomon has a massive harem of concubines. Yet the message of forgiveness and redemption is even more poignant when contrasted with the harsh reality of sin.
CONTENT: many people including Solomon practice polygamy, consummation of marriage is referenced and discussed; a man visits a prostitute several times, kissing/touching between lovers, physical attraction described

STARS: 4.5 out of 5


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