The Redemption, Legacy of the Kings' Pirates Series #1

The Redemption, Legacy of the Kings' Pirates Series #1
AUTHOR: M. L. Tyndall
PLOT: A woman in search of her long-lost father encounters pirates and may be in danger of falling for their dashing captain.
OPINION: This was really a fun and exciting read. I love pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?) and swashbuckling tales and this story totally had that atmosphere down. My only complaint was the constant danger of the heroine being physically assaulted. I mean it happened so many times. And while I know a woman traveling alone back then was dangerous, it really become uncomfortable, even though she was always rescued before anything truly happened.
CONTENT: strong, wordy descriptions of physical attraction, a man feels tempted to sleep with a girl but resists, multiple near rapings (which come very close to almost happening), a couple men jest about incest
STARS: 4.5 out of 5


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