I, Claudia

I, Claudia
AUTHOR: Charity Bishop
PLOT: "The nightmares began in my childhood… Since then, they have grown stronger. Horrific dreams of blood and death, of dark specters and betrayal haunt me. Mother wants me to become a seer in the temple of Minerva. I would much rather marry the dashing military commander, Pilate, instead. Every augur that sees me, fears me. They know, as I do, that something is different about me, something I cannot control, and that will haunt me until a Jewish messiah takes my hand in Judea. Not even he can save me from what lies ahead in Rome, nor, I fear, can he save Pilate from a choice that will change the course of history forever. My name is Claudia, and this is my story."

OPINION: This was an awesome read! I, Claudia is a balanced work of historical fiction with straightforward writing, intriguing characters and a solid plot. Choosing to write this story through the eyes of Claudia, Pilate’s wife, was pretty much perfection. Claudia is completely human, so relatable and easy to love; she allows us see Pilate in a different light than mere historical facts would. Claudia’s personal growth is a fascinating one as she wrestles with her frightening dream-seer abilities. I also loved the secondary characters, particularly the Jewish servant girl Libi. The plot is tight, traversing from Rome to Judea and back, and almost never drags. Not all Inspirational fiction is this natural – you can’t help thinking more about the Gospels after reading this. After I finished, I was already on the internet, searching up about the historical figures during that timeline. But even if I wasn’t into history, this trip back to ancient Rome was definitely worth a read.


  1. Wow! Great thoughts, Hope. I'm so glad you enjoyed Charity's novel - I cannot wait to read her books either. They sound good and I've no doubt they're expertly written.

    1. I bought Thornewicke as well, and plan to write a review as soon as I read it. :D

  2. Saw a comment you posted on Carissa's blog, so I wandered into yours. What a lovely surprise to find a review of my book! Thanks! I appreciate it. :)


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