Pompeii: A City on Fire

City on Fire: Pompeii
AUTHOR: T. L. Higley
PLOT: A Jewess on the run from an unsavory master disguises herself as a boy and becomes a gladiator in Pompeii, but a certain Roman senator learns her secret and becomes entangled in her life.
OPINION: This was a pretty cool, dramatic story. I don't often read books about ancient Rome, so it was a nice change of pace. My favorite aspect was the girl gladiator. There wasn't much romance simply because the hero and heroine didn't see each other that much. I did find the story dragged after a while - too much description on the city of Pompeii and other story-lines that were a bit boring.
CONTENT: the Jewess and many other women (and even men) are horribly abused by their masters, brothels are talked about (not in-depth though), incest is mentioned, a man thinks two men are in relations, two evil men are described as demonic cult followers who initiate others through horrible sexual rituals (not talked about too extensively)
RATING: strong PG-13
STARS: 3.5 out of 5


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