Ransome's Honor

Ransome's Honor
AUTHOR: Kaye Dacus
PLOT: A Georgian British woman's lover who broke her heart returns to England just as an undesirable cousin seeks to gain her hand and her inheritance.
OPINION: I love it when a novel hits all the right notes for me. And Ransome's Honor definitely did that for me. I'm a sucker for Regency era stories, and this brought that era to life for me. Add some Royal Navy to that, and you've got the icing on my cake. I loved both the hero, a no-nonsense Navy captain, and heroine, a genuinely sweet and bright woman. The romance was the kind that I would like to write. It felt real and touching without being ridiculously excessive like most romance novels are. The novel even took me for some twists I wasn't expecting.
CONTENT: a few mild allusions to roguish men and their interests in pretty girls
STARS: 5 out of 5


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