A Little Something About Myself...

The Princess and the Pea
my wittle sissy's art. Isn't she awesome??

Howdy ya'll!

Now if that sentence didn't just reveal everything about me, I'm not sure what will.

So, I am definitely new to the blogging scene. You probably read in the "About Me" tidbit that I am a Christian, a young adult, someone who likes to write, and watches a lot of shows/movies.

My personal life revolves mostly around my family and God. I've got four younger siblings who I get along with very well, thank you. It helps, probably, that we grew up liking the same things. Oh and we were home-schooled. When I'm not with them, I'm working my retail job, writing my stories, or just on the internet watching White Collar or some crazy K-drama.

On the subject of my siblings, my sister just got her own blog. We rarely use our names online, so I'll call her "Green Medallion" sis. She's really excited about her new blog. ( http://green-medallion.blogspot.com/ ) She also has a tumblr where she posts her own graphics or edits, whatever you call that stuff. She's really good. And has quite a lot of followers I might add, hehe. ( http://greenmedallion.tumblr. )

I also have another sister (the youngest one). Confused yet? She's my Hollowcandles sissy. Hollwcandles is the name of her tumblr. ( http://hollowcandles.tumblr.com/ ) She reblogs stuff she likes and posts art she draws herself. (The Princess and the Pea picture is hers.)

I have a tumblr as well where I make tolerable edits, hehe. ( http://justwaytooboss.tumblr.com/ ). It's just fun for me. And I make a lot of Star Wars stuff... so I have a lot of Star Wars followers. You know who your followers are with names like: anidala4vr or haydenchristen23lover. Yeah.

I love to write, by the way. I'm not going to say I'm good at it. I just need to do it. Honestly, I write stuff and it stinks. Really bad. I have to edit and re-edit until I get something that even makes sense. Even writing this blog doesn't come naturally to me. But writing has always been my way of directing my own movies, creating my own fantasy worlds, and perhaps continuing on the legacy of play-acting with my Barbie dolls. (My sissies and I came up with some uber soap opera storylines, let me tell you.)

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really being practical about my writing. I read a lot of people exhorting us amateurs to pick the tried and true, the stuff that sells. Though I'll read these genres, I don't want to write inspirational prairie fiction or cheap romance novels or Dystopian teen stories. I want to write what I like; what I'm passionate about. And that's anywhere from a historical fiction story most likely not set in the Old West to a story set in Joseon period Korea with yangban (nobles) and kings and court intrigue. I actually love writing about Asian culture - China, Japan, Korea. Their culture is so rich and aesthetic and fascinating. So that's what I'm going to keep doing. Writing what I love. (Of course my awesome sibs encourage me to keep doing that). Because if I don't, I know I'm  not really going to finish any novels. Not unless I believe in these stories wholeheartedly.

So what started out as a little something escalated into a lot of somethings, but trust me, you've only scratched the surface of me. I'd love to hear a little something about you, as well - whether its your hobby or what you like or how many siblings you have or whatever. Feel free to leave a comment. :D


  1. Loved the post!
    And not just cuz I was mentioned in it. ;)
    And I LOVE your banner!

    1. Oh thanks. I like the banner but kinda dislike it... cuz I seem to think anything I make is ugly, lol. Nice to see someone else likes it.

  2. So right - writing what you like, I mean. If you (or me) write what we are passionate about ... it will be obvious to the reader. And, by the way, I'm far more interested in reading something which is quite different to the million other books which seem to have the same ol' plot, the same ol' conflicts and the same ol' characters.

    In the end, the more you write the better you will be at it. It is very rare for say, a swimmer to be able to (without any practice beforehand) swim across the English Channel ... it takes time: hours and hours and hours building up stamina and strength (and that wasn't a weird analogy. At all :D).

    And it wasn't Barbie dolls for me - it was Playmobile :)

    1. Yeah, I'm getting a little tired of seeing the same ole book stuff.
      Ahh Playmobile, very cool. ;) I actually have never played with Playmobile. But I did play a lot with my brothers' little action figures (Star Wars action figures, lol.)


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