King of Dramas

King of Dramas (also known as The Lord of the Drama, Drama King)
STARS: 4 out of 5

PLOT: This drama revolves around Anthony Kim, a television drama producer with a “King Midas” touch. When he suddenly loses everything, Anthony must try to regain his place in the drama world with the help of a spunky, eclectic writer.

OPINION: The first 4 episodes of this drama didn't really get to me as the crazy circumstances (played to be funny and spoofy) seemed more on the zany side, but by the 5th episode, I found myself laughing a lot at the wit and harder-edged humor. I really enjoyed how it poked fun at the crazy business of entertainment. The characters were cute and funny, though not extremely deep. The ending wasn't quite what I was expecting (or wanting) but it was happy and tied things up, so in all, a good show.

CONTENT: occasional, brief cussing, including at least 2 abuses of Jesus name by an actor, a girl dreams of a man kissing her, a man declares he knows real love simply because he slept with previous girlfriends, a few kisses, a couple cuddles in the back of a truck to stay warm during a blizzard, some drinking


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