My Love From Another Star

Title: You From Another Star/My Love From Another Star/You Who Came From The Stars
Episodes: 20
Plot: Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. Do Min-Joon holds a cynical view to human beings, but he falls in love with actress Cheon Song-Yi.

My Thoughts on My Love From Another Star Episodes 1 & 2:

Okay, so I really like our alien hero Do Min Joon. I've seen the actor, Kim Soo Hyun, in Dream High (which I liked a lot). Clearly Kim Soo Hyun has matured a lot since then. Hehe. Yeah, he’s only gotten dreamier.

Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High
Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From Another Star

At first, my impression of Do Min Joon was he’s more on the cold, somewhat robotic side. But honestly, the more this story unravels him, the more we get to see him express himself and reveal who he is. And the more I like who he is: a no-nonsense, stubborn 400 yr old Alien just trying to live alone and undisturbed on earth. He doesn't want to connect to anyone; he's simply existing unseen on this world until he can go back home.

Oh I love the scenes where he arrived on earth in the 1600s! There’s something so magical and intriguing of fusing aliens with history. And it’s so cool when he freezes time and walks around, exploring the new world.
I’m slowly getting into the present storyline. I feel like there’s a lot the writers are going to unpack in the future and I hope the they seize the opportunities. So many shows suffer because writers just stop trying after awhile. (Um, Lost anyone? Yeah, sorry Lost-fans.)

Okay, I admit it – I love our bratty heroine Cheon Song Yi. Yeah, she’s an arrogant jerk, but I have a feeling she’s going to evolve a lot as we go on. Even right now, Song Yi gives us a few glimpses of a vulnerable girl underneath the snarky façade. I haven’t seen the actress, Gianna Jun (Korean name: Jeon Ji Hyeon), in any other shows, but I can already tell I like her. Not that many K-actresses impress me, but I think she might end up there with my favorites: Kim Hee Sun, Kong Hyo Jin, and Lee Young Ji. (I seriously want Lee Young Ji to star in her own drama. *sobs*)

Jeon Ji Hyeon as Cheon Song Yi
Oh man, when they showed us Do Min Joon and his alien pals, I had such a strong impression of Spock and Vulcans. Is this why I like him??

 I think its the hairstyles... lol. Apparently very fashionable
to alien life forms.
So I think my favorite scene is Do Min Joon arguing with an old man, who used to play mahjong with him back in the 1930s (my estimate from the clothing in the flashback). Only the old man thinks Do Min Joon is just the grandson of his old competitor; a grandson who looks a heckuva a lot like his grandpa, I might add. For just a few minutes you can see Do Min Joon’s façade slip when he listens to the old man bragging about how he always beat his “grandpa” at mahjong. It rattles the Alien Dude that this guy is lying about him and he can’t prove the truth.

By the way, I love it when our Alien Dude uses his powers. It’s like his emotions express themselves through his abilities – like that awesome scene when he blows the windows out. Do it again, dude!

The secondary characters are still being fleshed out. I do like the second lead, who plays an overlooked actress and friend of Cheong Song Yi. Maybe I feel for her because she seems kinda shy, or maybe cuz I’ve seen the actress in another drama I like. Still deciding that one.

And finally I leave you with this...


  1. Fun post! You made the show sound very interesting. Aliens in the past? Cool. ;)


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