The Crown

The Crown
AUTHOR: Nancy Bilyeau
STARS: 5 out of 5

PLOT: A Dominican nun risks everything to visit a relative condemned to burn at the stake - and gets caught up
in a deadly mystery over a legendary relic.

OPINION: I was not expecting this book to be so good. But it was. The story was crisply written and held my attention from page one to the very end. I loved the heroine, Joanna Stafford, and her courage, faith in God,
and humanity. There were so many good secondary characters, and the story itself smacked of excitement and tension.

CONTENT: adultery, incest, rape are referenced; a scene details a rape but not in-depth, torture, blood, violence are described; drugs are discussed/shown, some wives have abusive husbands, a girl has a veiled dream that symbolizes sex, a guy regretfully admits that he was tempted to sleep with a girl


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