Movies and TV I’m looking forward to in 2014!

So a lot of these movies I’ve been anticipating since 2012 and 2013. Some of these I’ve just learned about – especially in the TV category. So here goes! Drum roll please!


February 14: La Belle et la Bete
This movie in two words: gut-wrenching beautiful!! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. I have liked almost every story or rendition I've seen (though Disney's animated version will always be my fav). I want to see this movie so much. I just have no idea when it's coming out in the U.S. *wipes tears away* 

February 14: Winter’s Tale
I saw this trailer at The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not sure if I’ll see this in theaters, but I might rent it when it comes out.

March 21: Muppets Most Wanted
The Muppets are adorable. I’ll probably rent this one, though, cuz tickets can be expensive - and I've got a lot of movies I want to see this year. Lol.

April 4: Captain America: Winter Soldier
Well, I’ve been looking for to a Captain America sequel since Avengers. My excitement has doubled since hearing Bucky’s coming back. And Black Widow will be there!

May 2: Belle
I just heard about this movie today. I thought the trailer was pretty good and the story intriguing. I’m a sucker for period dramas especially Georgian, one of my favorite eras.

May 2: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
While I still think they pushed the reboot too soon, I really like the Amazing Spiderman movie. I would be more excited about this movie but (possible SPOILERS) I’m afraid of the original Gwen Stacy storyline popping up. Excuse me while I shed some tears.

May 23: X-Men: Days of Our Future Past
That's quite a tongue-twister. Last year I finally watched X-Men: First Class and I liked it a lot more than I expected. So I definitely want to see this one. I’m really surprised at the amount of characters the creators are gonna try and cram in this movie. Not to mention they’ve got a crazy timeline to try and explain – so here’s hoping this one comes out good!

May 30: Maleficent
I love Disney, I love fairy-tales, so this is a no-brainer. I’m very curious to what this movie will be like. I’m already excited by its ethereal, magical atmosphere. (by the way, a lot of movies for May)

July 11: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
No idea if this will be a loser. The teaser trailer doesn't show much but I did like the prequel reboot they did.

August 1: Guardians of the Galaxy
Okay, I admit it: I know nothing about this movie. Or the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. I had never heard of them before Marvel announced they were making this movie. (Or Disney announced, or whoever, lol). The artwork stuff has been cool. I can’t wait to see a trailer. Cuz I just have this feeling that this might be really, really good.

August 1: Rurouni Kenshin 2
I saw this Japanese movie's prequel probably a year ago and loved it. Unfortunately the sequel's release date is for Japan and I have nooo idea when or if they'll be releasing it in the U.S. Please do guys! 

December 12: Exodus
Umm, haven’t we had a lot of Moses movies? Don’t get me wrong – I understand why people keep choosing that story (10 plagues & a red sea crossing, people, c’mon!) but there are so many other awesome stories in the Bible. Like Daniel and all the mind-blowing stuff he went through. Anyhoo, I’m still interested. Plus it has Christian Bale, so yeah, now I’m really interested, lol.

December 17: The Hobbit There and Back Again
I love Lord of the Rings. And I’m already seen the first two Hobbit movies, so of course I can’t wait for this one. After all – they left us on a huge cliff-hanger… where most of us already know what happens, but whatever. We want to SEEE it happen.

December 25: Into the Woods
Oh how I love fairytales. I don’t know anything about the musical - just that this movie has Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt and a whole bunch of people, so I’m definitely curious to see how this one will play out. (I have no idea who made that poster by the way, lol. Not sure if someone just pasted Johnny's head on that guy or not.)


  1. I need to see all of these too! I can't wait for Captain America.

    I heard about "Belle" not too long ago, watched the trailer, and was intrigued as well. Looks interesting. And you know how much I love the Georgian era. ;)

    "Maleficent" looks eerie and beautiful and mysterious. I only hope it's not too creepy. Maleficent was always one of the creepier, darker villians.

    "Guardians of the Galaxy" really has me interested. I've seen some concept art, and it's really good looking. And Karen Gillan being a villian of course has been intrigued. We'll have to wait and see. ;)

    As for "Exodus," part of me feels the movie is unneeded, as we already have so many movies based on the Moses story... but then I remember Christian Bale is in the movie... and suddenly the movie feels completely justified. On a serious note, I just hope they do the story justice, keep it as accurate as they can, and have good writing, acting, etc. I always thought Charlton Heston would be THE cinematic-Moses for me... but Christian Bale may change that.

    I can't wait to see the first trailer for "Into The Woods." So many big names in the cast. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Plus, it's a musical! (Can any of these actors actually sing, or are they going to be dubbed?)

    I can't believe so many movies are coming out this year! *Pulls out hair* I'm so glad you made this list. I have a feeling I'll be returning to it regularly just to refresh my memory. ;)

    Wow, I'm going to go bankrupt this year thanks to movies. Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

    1. I'm going to be coming back to this list too, lol! How else am I going to remember all of this?
      Yeah, Hollywood's sucking our pockets dry. Well, I guess we're letting them. Whateves.
      Will Bale be the definitive Moses? I guess time will only tell. I do hope they try and follow the Bible story accurately. But I like the Charlton Heston Moses movie - and that doesn't have much accuracy, lol. I guess it has heart, though.

  2. Woot! Many of these have made my to-see list also - some will likely just be DVD but still...! Yay. Cannot wait for that superhero love ('X-Men,' 'Captain America,' 'Spider-Man') and of course all those fairy-tales - Maleficent and hooray for that Into the Woods teaser poster. Johnny Depp is just awesome.

    1. Can't wait for more superheroes as well! And it's so awesome that fairy-tales are gaining popularity in Hollywood again. I could watch fairy-tale movies forever. hehe.


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