STARS: 4.5 out of 5

What can I say? I loved it!

I've been a huge fan of Austen for more than a decade. I remember reading Pride and Prejudice in high school and watching the Colin Firth miniseries with my sisters, mom and aunt. Since then, I've read five of her main six novels (okay, it was Mansfield Park that I skimped on. I admit it.).
So what could be more natural than renting a movie where a woman gets to spend a vacation living as an “Austen heroine”? 

Now that’s the dream life, isn't it?

Granted this movie is fluffy, silly and even at times corny. But it’s so funny! I had already read some people say the movie was hilarious, but I still wasn't sure. I actually didn't laugh that much during the beginning – but by the ending, you can’t help laughing at all the insane fun. Then I re-watched it the next day with my sister and laughed even harder the whole way through! Georgia King’s facial expressions nearly stole the show for me.

While I saw some damper comments on the romance, I totally enjoyed it! J. J. Feild makes a perfect “Mr. Darcy” –type character. The guy has the brooding, proud looks down to a T. I could seriously watch his face all day. Plus Feild's played an Austen hero before (Northanger Abbey). Bret McKenzie is so cute and his accent – swoon. And Keri Russell is a sweet, empathetic heroine.

I actually am planning on reading the book now. I've read Midnight in Austenland, which I liked a lot, so I think I’ll enjoy Austenland just as much.

Now all I need to make my life complete is to go to Austenland, wear Regency dresses, use all my “Austen” talk, and woo myself a super handsome Mr. Darcy. Okay, Disney or Universal Studies, or whoever builds theme parks – make our dreams come true!

CONTENT: mild innuendo mostly found in double-entendres. One guy takes off his shirt to dab a woman’s bust. Lots of passionate smooching. Women wear plunging necklaces and men historical tight pants. A man tries to assault a woman but she stops him.


  1. *High Five*

    So glad you liked this one, Faith. I agree. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon and once I get my DVD copy back (my aunt has it), I'll for sure be rewatching it. :)

  2. This is such a fun movie, isn't it? ;) "Don't hang yourself, Jane!" "Uh...yeah."

    1. Definitely a fun movie! I've seen this one quite a few times now, lol, but It's just so easy to watch. :D

  3. I enjoyed this movie way more than I'd expected to, mostly thanks to J. J. Field's spot-on performance :-D

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the film as well! J. J. was born to be an Austen hero, of that I am certain. ;)


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