My Story Journey!

Hello from the land of rough draft writing and editing!

So, I just learned that I can add StoryToolz word count meters to my blog - so viola! I have added it (with the help of my sister because I'm really bad at figuring out stuff like that).

As of right now, I have several short stories I'm writing, a short story I'm editing, a novel that I'm about to edit - aaaand a new story, Alice in Choson, that I've just started on.

Alice in Choson is a working title ( and I've no intention of using it as the real title). It's a historical speculative fiction novel - and a brief plot summary would be: a Korean-American girl time travels back to the Choson/Joseon era (15th-20th century Korea). I'm a big sucker for time travel stories because I think time culture shock is so fascinating and can be amusing or dramatic, oftentimes both.

Writing 80,000 words is intimidating, let me tell you. It's really a goal - and I hope to get as close as I can. I've only written two novels (long stories) in my life. I haven't edited either of them so its a bit of a daunting task to start on that.

Evernote makes me happy :D

One thing that have been a MAJOR help in writing is Evernote. I heard about this on a writer's blog, Kaye Dacus, and it has been so awesome. Now I can separate information easily into notes within notebooks (i.e. I have a character notebook, research notebook, information notebook, etc). I can tag each note and find whatever I want quickly through the tags or just searching. I still write the actual rough draft on Microsoft Word, but I use evernote for all the backstory, history, research, ideas, etc. Best thing is: its free! Yay!

Speaking of Kaye Dacus, if you do any fiction writing, you need to visit her website. She has so much helpful info out there for writers. One of the funnest things I've picked up from her examples was character casting - using real world templates as models for your character. In other words, you become like a director and cast someone for the physical looks of your character. So you might write a sci-fi book and cast Ian Mckellen (actor who played Gandalf & Magneto) as the evil general. Or perhaps you find some picture in a magazine of a girl you think best looks like the character you envisioned. It's just a fun way to mentally picture your character. ;)

I'm super excited about starting on Alice in Choson. This story idea has been marinating in my mind for a good while. Most story ideas stay in my mind over 4-5 months before I even start on them. I hope I get this story done pretty quick because, yes, I've got a whole bunch of stories rearing at the hypothetical story gate, ready to race out once the gun fires.


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