WWW Wednesdays!

WWW Wednesdays March 19!

So I've stumbled across a cool weekly meme, that's both simple and fun from MizB at Should Be Reading.

Currently I am reading Entwined, because my sister recommended it. Okay, I asked her if she read it, and then she recommended it. I love fairytales, so this has been a fun read so far. It's a little freaky for a kid's book though, lol. I guess kids nowadays aren't like what I was when I was little - cuz this book would've scared me as a kid.

Loved this book. So much fun and funny! I am a pretty big Austenite. I've read every major book (except Mansfield Park) and I think I've seen just about every Austenite movie adaptation (genuine ones, I'm not counting Clueless here).

 I read a great review about this book, so I'm really interested in reading this one! I've already requested it at my library, so I'm just waiting now.


  1. Great list, Faith. I've been told Entwined is excellent and of course since I adore the film, Austenland, it's a given I'll read the book at some point. :) Happy reading - and yay for It Had to be You! SO much awesome-ness there.

    1. Thanx Rissi! Can't wait to dive into the awesomeness, ;)


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