Liebster Award Questions!

My sister, green-medallion, got a Liebster Award. Yay. So now she’s passed the baton off to anyone (with 200 followers or less) who wants to answer her questions. So I decided to answer her pretty interesting questions. Hehe.

Green-medallion’s Questions:

1) Is there any crazy hairstyle you wish you could pull off?
Crazy is an interesting word. Not sure I’d classify it as crazy, though I’ve considered getting my hair cut boy short a few times.

2) What is your dream job?
Wow. That is a good question. Probably being an author. That or working as a Disney Princess live character actor at Disneyworld. Or being a painter. Except I can’t paint. We’re talking about jobs I could really handle right, not fantasy? In that case, I guess I’ll be sticking with the first two.

3) What's your favorite type of natural landscape? (I.E. mountains, forests, prairie, etc)
Mountains for pictures. Oceans/beaches for vacationing.

4) If you could get lost anywhere in the world, where would you want to get lost?
Umm, not sure if I want to be truly lost. I guess I’d choose Hawaii? Hahaha. Something tells me I’d eventually find the city or a beach, or whatever I’m looking for.

5) Who is the most recent character you've fallen in love with?
The Winter Soldier. HAHAHA. Even reading that is funny. Seriously though, he’s cool!

6) Do you prefer stories in first person or third person?
Third person.

7) Do you prefer work that's physical or mental? (I.E. cleaning your room or taking a math test)
You really know how to pick a question, don’t you? I’d rather clean my room than take a math test, yes. Unless it’s an easy math test and my room has been destroyed by a tornado. So it all depends.

8) Would you rather go to a museum or an amusement park?
Museum. I know that’s a weird choice. Again with the depending thing – it would have to be an interesting museum. Now if the amusement park is Disneyworld than of course I choose Disney!

9) Would you rather spend money on clothes or food?
Food. I love eating food.

10) What movie/book/TV show have you gotten the most emotional over?
lately? And are we talking about “sad” emotional or just “feels” emotional? Dude, I am so analytical. I’m gonna go with “feels” emotional and choose Agents of Shield. That show keeps throwing a wrench into my perfectly controlled fandom feels.

11) Which scares you more - snakes or spiders?
Spiders. They’re creepy with many legs and *shudders* - I’m freaking out just thinking about it.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I loved reading your answers. ;)


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