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Miss Granny

Miss Granny

Type: Korean movie
Year: 2014
Where to Watch: Netflix
My Rating: 4 out of 5

I decided to watch this K-movie after a friend who also likes Korean shows suggested it. I went in with low expectations, after watching a few disappointing K-movies, but I was rewarded with such a sweet, funny and touching movie. Miss Granny is filled with the themes of family, growing older, and ultimately the deep love of a parent.

Oh Doo-Ri is 74 years old and living with her adult son and his wife and kids. When Doo-Ri’s daughter-in-law ends up in the hospital because of ill health, the family decides to put Oh Doo-Ri in a nursing home fearing that Doo-Ri is wearing down on the mother. Doo-Ri, disillusioned with feeling abandoned, stops by a portrait studio, thinking this will probably be her last picture in life. Magically, she leaves the place as her 20 year old self. Hijinks and comedy ensue as Doo-Ri adjusts to her new self and ends up joining her grandson’s band as a singer. With a new claim on life, she starts falling in love with a handsome music producer.

Shim Eun-Kyung as young Oh Doo-Ri
Shim Eun-Kyung plays the 20 year old version of the elderly grandma here and what a wonderful casting choice! Eun-Kyung is sassy and adorable and completely convinces you that she really is a 74 year old woman underneath. This movie didn’t waste the comedic moments of the age-transformation, delightfully playing up funny and amusing moments as Eun-Kyung shocks and confuses people as a sometimes crass talking, much-experienced but naive-looking girl. I loved the paean to Audrey Hepburn – having Eun-Kyung get a Roman Holiday haircut and wearing that adorable outfit like hers in Holiday was just perfect. Also, Eun-Kyung’s singing was beautiful, my favorite being when she performed the song Rain Falls. I felt as struck by her voice as everyone did in that lovely scene.

Ode to Roman Holiday
Not to forget the love-interest played by Lee Jin-Wook. This is the second time I’ve seen him, and I definitely have him on my list of actors I love watching. His acting breathes natural sincerity, and though he didn’t have that much screen time, I enjoyed his moments in the movie.

Actor Lee Jin-Wook
Eventually Doo-Ri comes to find that there are limits to her youthful transformation and a terrible choice forces her to decide whether or not to sacrifice the new life she’s been given. Without giving too much away, the moment of choice for Doo-Ri was my favorite scene in the movie. She never had the chance for an easy life. After becoming pregnant and widowed at a young age, she had struggled and worked away her young life trying to raise her son by herself. You couldn’t blame her if she decided that she wanted to keep this new life.

Oh Doo-Ri with her grandson
At the end, the movie left me with the powerful depths of a mother’s love. A beautiful choice of theme; one that touches you deeper than even the moral of embracing age with grace or the excitement of second chances.


  1. I have scoured Netflix for this one, and it's a crying shame but it appears that the UK version doesn't have it.

    Why, Netflix? Whyyyy?

    1. What? Oh no! I didn't even think about the fact that Netflix has different movies in different regions. :(

    2. Hey, just so you know, Dramafever has just uploaded Miss Granny to their website. ;)

    3. THANK YOU! I forget to check back to see if you'd replied but I see you have and ... you have my sincere thanks and a virtual cup of the best beverage of your choice. Brilliant! : )

    4. You're welcome. And I'll have a virtual cup of some Belgian chocolate milk. ;)


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