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In writing the last half of this list I came to several dilemmas when I realized I had more favorites than necessary to finish the top five. I was forced to make the difficult decision of choosing who lives and dies (well, who makes it on the list anyways). So here are the rest of my top ten favorites, and hopefully in the future I can put out another top ten K-drama couples that I couldn’t squeeze in here.
Princess Seol & Park Hae-Young
                5. Park Hae-Young & Lee Seol (My Princess)
                                The bubbly poor girl and the rich selfish brat. A timeless coupling that still manages to entertain me today. Lee Seol finds out that she’s a long-lost princess of Korea and Hae-Young finds out that his grandfather is going to donate his inheritance to the princess. Hae-Young becomes Lee Seol’s tutor in etiquette while trying to stop her from getting his money. But she’s so darn adorable he’s doomed from the start.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Lee Seol is hiding in an old car in the museum of the palace while watching dramas. She practices Lady Mishil’s it’s all your fault line (from Queen Seondeok) and inserts Hae-Young’s name just as he finds her in the car. They exchange amusing banter about Lee Seol’s “plans” to assassinate her enemies, which would be primarily him.
Wol-Ryung surprises Seo-Hwa with flowers
                4. Gu Wol-Ryung & Yoon Seo-Hwa (Gu Family Book)
                                A runaway slave and a mythical gumiho or fox-human fall in love – and stole my heart. This couple only had two episodes at the beginning of the drama as their story was merely the prologue to their son’s journey. Sadly, the rest of the show didn’t have the draw for me that these two emotional and fairy-tale like episodes did. Gu Wol-Ryung, a gumiho and protector of the forest, is every kind of adorable as he tries to win the heart of the emotionally battered Seo-Hwa, whose father was executed for treason.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Wol-Ryung wants to make Seo-Hwa happy in his home in the mountains, so he brings her loads of fruit, bunches of flowers, butterflies and shows her around his beautiful secret forest paradise.

Choi Young takes a rest with Eun-Soo
                3. Choi Young & Yoo Eun-Soo (Faith/The Great Doctor)
                                I admit it. I’m a sucker for the protective warrior. Choi Young fits snugly in that wonderful stereotype as a very protective warrior from the Goryeo (ancient Korea) era who goes through a time traveling portal to find who he thinks is a doctor from heaven (really just modern Korea). Eun-Soo is the sweet and lively cosmetic surgeon who not only finds herself trapped in the past but falling in love with a stoic hero.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Young is crazy-mad at Eun-Soo for not telling him that the antidote was destroyed (the one that she needed). He tells her he wants her to go back when the time portal opens, but she wants to stay and try to find another antidote, as she’s afraid she’ll never be able to return to Goryeo.
Min-Joon & Cheon Song-Yi
                2. Do Min-Joon & Cheon Song-Yi (My Love From Another Star)
                                No OTP list could be complete without My Love From Another Star. A widely popular drama both in Korea and among foreign K-drama fans (including my sister and myself), we all fell in love with the serious, grumpy-pants alien Do Min-Joon and his love, a sassy actress, Cheon Song-Yi who gets under his skin. There is so much cute and adorable and beautiful in this drama. I love this couple to bits. Of all the OTPS, Song-Yi has to be my favorite girl character. She completely owns the screen with her hilarious, feisty self.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Cheon Song-Yi realizes that Min-Joon doesn’t age as an alien and starts freaking out. She becomes frantic at the thought that she’ll grow old and he’ll still young. Though he assures her she’ll always be beautiful to him, she’s a woman on a mission now. She immediately throws on a beauty mask and starts frantically exercising. She’s seriously gold.

Ji-Sook & Min-Woo
                1. Byeon Ji-Sook & Choi Min-Woo (Mask)
                                An arranged marriage leading to true love. A girl who protects her man. A guy who just wants someone to love. Ji-Sook and Min-Woo’s journey from virtual strangers to husband and wife who respect and trust one another was such a wonderful story.  I cheered, swooned and grinned my way through their lovely moments.
                                A favorite OTP scene: On the steps to the courthouse to finalize the divorce to their fake marriage, Choi Min-Woo admits to Ji-Sook that he loves her. He complains that she never said she didn’t want a divorce, and she points out that he didn’t say anything either. But he tells her it doesn’t matter – he does love her. They kiss on the steps.


  1. You had just commented back on our blog, in return for the comment I made on your Top Ten. I always like to go back and see which blogs respond and when I saw this post my jaw dropped! I love Kdramas so much! And all of these choices are phenomenal :) Though, I haven't watched Gu Family Book. A friend watched it and warned me that it wasn't my kind of ending. I love that Mr. P and Lee Seol made your list! None of my Kdrama fans will watch that drama and it makes me sad. I love that scene in the car! Their first kiss is one of my favorite scenes, too! When he tells her not to remember, I die :p

    I just finished Mask the other day! That drama took me by surprise, it was just so amazing! I will admit to being disappointed with the last episode, but up until then, it was freaking amazing. I loved how Ji Sook wanted to protect Min Woo, but even more than that I loved how he trusted her. Drama tropes usually give us the misunderstandings and people who can never trust anyone, so it was refreshing to see him come up against a potential misunderstanding situation and to go for the option of trusting that she had her reasons.

    Kim Soo Hyun was so perfect at Do Min Joon. I was seriously worried about not liking Song Yi in the beginning, but you're right, her character just was so amazing! She managed to skate the fine line of being a little whiny without actually being annoying!

    My only complaint for Faith would be there wasn't enough skinship!

    Gosh, sorry I gushed so much! I just get so excited about meeting fellow Kdrama fans :) I'm gonna go look for part one now!

    1. So glad you dropped by again! It's so exciting to meet another K-drama fan! And gush anytime here - I loved reading what you had to say, especially since I totally had all the same feelings about these dramas!

      I definitely second the warning about Gu Family Book. I didn't watch the ending either (but read a recap) and was disappointed at the way they ended it. It is sad that My Princess is not more popular; it's so cute! And totally awesome that you finished Mask!! I loved that drama - and you pointed out one of the biggest reasons why too. Not having the misunderstanding trope wreck their love for endless episodes made me SOOO happy. But you know in K-drama land it's truly a big deal since characters trusting one another is a rare treat. lol. Yay for drama writers getting it right for once!

    2. Recaps are so amazing. I love that there are people that will do that for us, especially when dramas start to drag and you know you won't be able to finish if you can't skip a little of the boring, but you still don't want to miss any of what's happening!

      It really was a huge deal! However, it also made it a little disappointing that when he found out the truth that he took it so bad. I mean, he spent 75% of the drama saying he trusted her and that he knew she had a secret. But when he found out, it was like all of that went out the window. Another thing that bugged me, everyone and their mama told him not to go on that hunting trip! They kept warning him over and over again, and he goes anyway. Which is fine, sure. But then, when it's time to pick the path it's like he though "hey, all of these people keep telling me not go on this trip and that my life is in danger. I probably shouldn't stray too far from the group. But screw them, LOL. I'm gonna go off on my own anyway!" But even still, this drama was so good that even the things that bugged me didn't really matter!

    3. Recaps have saved me from so many bad dramas. And also introduced me to good ones.

      Oh yeah the hunting trip. Lol. Min-Woo's brain must have taken a vacation. It's funny to me how drama writers will have a character receive a bunch of logical advice and then have him completely ignore it.

  2. Ah! yes, Choi Young. I now have it sooooooo drilled into me that Choi Young is Lee Min Hoo, that whenever he (Choi Young) is mentioned where history is concerned, I say, "Oh yeah, that's Lee Min Ho's character from Faith."

    Mel has trained me well!!


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