Don’t you just love writing lists?! Not dull errand or grocery lists. Just lists of things you love. I remember thinking up countless lists of things as a kid that I liked. I was constantly rating my preferences – my top ten favorite movies, my favorite Queen Amidala’s (Star Wars) dresses, my favorite warrior characters. Whaddyaknow? Some things don’t change.
Gae-Hwa & Min-Woo
                10. Yoon Gae-Hwa & Seong Min-Woo (Oh! My Lady)
There's nothing like an adorable nuna (older woman) romance. Gae-Hwa, a 35 year old single mom, re-enters the workforce and ends up nannying for a shallow actor in his late 20s, Min-Woo, when his ex-girlfriend gives him the child she never told him about. I loved watching Min-Wo go from a senseless self-entitled (though very funny) brat to a man who valued Gae-Hwa and pursued her. Gae-Hwa’s emotional fears of entering a real relationship after her divorce were empathetic and brought some nice tension to the relationship.            
                                A favorite OTP scene: Gae-Hwa and Min-Woo are eating with co-workers and Min-Woo keeps dropping hints about getting married. He spends the evening over-eagerly helping her with everything and being adorkable and sweet while she looks annoyed. Gaaah. I love it.
Tae-Kyung comforting Mi-Nyeo                            
                9. Go Mi-Nyeo & Hwang Tae-Kyung (You're Beautiful)
                                This drama may be about angsty-looking boy band singers but it’s really about two cuties falling in love. There is so much hilarious golden moments with Go Mi-Nyeo who joins the all boy-band disguised as her brother, Mi-Nam. Hwang Tae-Kyung, the band’s leader, ends up having to help Mi-Nyeo with her charade and another adorable romance is born.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Mi-Nyeo decides to do a public reveal that she is really a girl and take responsibility, knowing that when someone finds out, the band will be ruined by the scandal. Tae-Kyung realizes what’s she going to do and tries to run into the dark theater to find her before she gets on stage, but he can’t see her because of his night-blindness. I LOVE when he starts yelling for her, reminding her that she promised to stay where he could see her.
Hae-Young & Sang-Hyo
                8. Nam Sang-Hyo & Gu Hae-Young (My Secret Hotel)
                                Sang-Hyo is a wedding planner who ends up having to plan the upcoming wedding of her ex-husband and his rich girlfriend. Of course, these forced circumstances eventually lead Sang-Hyo and Hae-Young to recall how they’ve come to this point and what destroyed their marital bliss so long ago.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Anytime Hae-Young uses his deep angel voice to talk of how he feels about Sang-Hyo and tears start filling his eyes and even though he’s saying the hammiest, cheesiest stuff it feels so darn real and touching. And Sang-Hyo just looks like the most adorable girl with those big eyes filling with tears. Yeah, I’m seriously leaving it with that.

Magistrate Lee & Woo-Young
                  7.  Magistrate Lee & Choi Woo-Young (Mandate of Heaven/The Fugitive of Joseon)
                                Magistrate Lee and Woo-Young might be the secondary couple in this drama, but they stole the show (and my heart). Dang, I love Magistrate Lee’s snarky humor. Couple that with the amusing flighty-girl Woo-Young and I could watch a whole drama just about them. Set in the Joseon (historic Korea) era, Woo-Young’s family is charged with treason. She is stripped of her noblewoman title and forced to work as a slave at the police headquarters where a love-hate relationship flourishes with the magistrate who is trying to hunt her falsely accused brother.
                                A favorite OTP scene: Evil Officer Gon-Oh starts coming on to Woo-Young and pushing her around. Magistrate Lee punches him and then holds him, telling Woo-Young to punch him if she likes. He then warns Gon-Oh that he’d better not bother her again or else. Woo-Young is all-smiles and thanks Magistrate Lee, even complimenting how good he looks in a uniform. Lee can’t keep his pleased smile in check for long. Heck, go ahead and kiss him, Woo-Young!
Bidam & Princess Deokman
                  6. Bidam & Deokman (Queen Seondeok/Queen Seonduk)
                                My first k-drama and my first k-drama OTP. (Not completely true as I shipped Yushin and Deokman first, but then Bidam came along… so there). Bidam is a troubled orphan with a dark past and a dangerous obsession for power and fame that would sear his name into the history books. Deokman is a troubled abandoned girl with a difficult past and a passion to do what no woman has done – rule a kingdom. I love how Deokman is always seeing through Bidam’s easy-going exterior to the pain inside, and how he comes to respect and admire her. Sadly, their love is a tragic one.
                                A favorite  OTP scene: Bidam sees Deokman enter the palace looking upset. He encourages her hat she doesn’t have to use the violent ways of her opponent, Lady Mishil, to seem strong to the people. He tells her that just being herself makes his heart beat faster. Realizing what he’s saying, he adds that the people’s hearts will beat faster when they see what kind of a person she is. But you can see all of his heart bubbling up in his gaze when he looks at her.

                Next Wednesday will continue My Top Ten K-Drama Couples countdown


  1. Another great list :) I don't watch a lot of sagueks, but I have heard great things about those dramas!

    Gah, that scene in You're Beautiful is one of my favorites! I love when Jeremy finally finds out a bit later, too :p

    I really, really wanted to like My Secret Hotel. After how amazing Yoo In Na was in Queen In Hyun's Man, she has made me an eternal fan. But My Secret Hotel just couldn't find its footing. The love triangle seemed too forced and way too drawn out. And I wish that they had focused a little bit more on the murders and made them a little more interesting. All of that being said, holy goodness, Goo Hae Young was freaking phenomenal. His character was just epically amazing, and I spent the whole drama rooting for him. I am dying to see what Jin Yi Han does next!

    Anyway, great list! Thanks for sharing it :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the list - I had so much fun writing this up!

      You're Beautiful really surprised me. I actually saw it a few months ago and was surprised with how cute it was. That scene when Jeremy finds out - hahaha, so good.

      I definitely understand your feelings about My Secret Hotel. Tonally the story was a mess and the plot quickly split in two directions (the romance and the mystery). I would've preferred a better mystery that included the characters more. But yaaas! I'm a huge Jin Yi Han fan (ever since his brief role in Dr. Jin and even his role in Empress Ki) and I hope he gets another leading role soon. :D

    2. You're Beautiful was actually right after My Princess for me, so it was pretty early on. It was also my first Hong Sisters drama! Everything about it was so fun and cute. And Park Shin Hye was just ridiculously adorable :p And Lee Hong Ki was just perfect as Jeremy. It's really hard to watch him in other things, cause all I see is Jeremy!

      I couldn't agree more! The mystery would have felt way more interesting if it entangled the main characters in it more and if it pushed the triangle to the side for some episodes. I haven't seen him in anything else! I tried to watch Family is Coming, his most recent drama, but the production value was really low and it felt like a daily drama, which I don't watch.

      Random question, but do you have a My Drama List account?

    3. Yeah I tried to watch a daily drama once and had to quit. Just way too long and slow.

      I don't have a My Drama List account, and actually haven't heard of the website before. I'm going to have to take a look at this! :D


    In case you can't tell, I love You're Beautiful!!!! It was my first K-drama.

    1. What's funny is I just discovered You're Beautiful! I honestly didn't think I was going to like it (forever whatever reason, probably because it was an older K-drama) but I ended up loving it! So glad I could remind you of the feels, hehe ;)


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