Another Top Ten OTP K-Dramas List

So Wednesday came and went with the wind. Honestly, I so lost track of time that when I finally realized it was my blog post day, I was about to head to bed and my article was still in the drafts stage. So a day late, but still it’s here. My motto is: bloggers never give up!!

                In my last Top Ten OTPs I mentioned my dilemma of how many amazing couples I couldn’t even fit in that top ten. So here are more wonderful OTP couples. My rating system might be somewhat biased (I mean I may enjoy a stupid drama couple over a smarter drama couple just because I’m a stupid fan, lol) and perhaps even subconsciously I truly like couple  number 7 more than 5 (I mean I had to number them, but let me tell you it’s really hard to say this one is eighth on the list when I feel like it could be higher, but I don’t know and – you see where this is going). Let the listing begin!

I don't even remember this scene, but dang! They look cute together.
                10.  Lee So-Young & Choi Jin-Wook (Baby-Faced Beauty)
                This drama wasn’t groundbreaking in story or romance in anyway, but I found Jang Nara, who plays So-Young, sweet and I think nuna (older woman-younger man) romances can be pretty cute. Jin-Wook was mostly amusing as the bumbling dorkster. Together had very cutesy chemistry that made me smile. There wasn’t a much depth explored otherwise.
                A favorite OTP scene: When Jin-Wook is crying on the stairs at his workplace, because he did something really stupid (which he does a lot, lol) and is certain he’ll lose his job. So-Young comforts him a little but eventually tells him to stop being a baby. Haha, not very romantic. Just funny.

That's not fair. Kang-Ha's hair wasn't this awesome in the drama.
That's just false advertising.
                9.  Jin Pal-Gang & Won Kang-Ha (Stars falling from the Sky/Wishing on a Star/Pick up the Stars)
                Hmm, I’m not certain if this drama has enough title variations. So, the show looks a bit dated (though Dr. Champ also came out in 2010, that drama escaped the dated look with nice cinematographic cameras), has some weird pacing, boring clich├ęs, and super annoying secondary characters, but the heroine Pal-Gang has an interesting character arc and she's got five adorable adopted siblings that she suddenly becomes caretaker of. Throw in a grumpy, brooding lawyer (I love you Kim Ji-Hoon!) and there are quite a few gem moments even as they butt heads the whole way through the show.
                A favorite OTP scene: Kang-Ha wants to get married already and asks Pal-Gang if they could get hitched that day since they don’t have anything on the schedule. Lol. Pal-Gang responds in her usual whatever attitude that she’s too preoccupied with her work schedule to get married. Which leads to more butting of heads and romantic (?) you’re so annoying banter. Don’t worry peeps, they have a later scene where he makes her cry by telling her how he much he respects, admires and loves her because of how wonderful and courageous she is. (I mean she’s raising five kids here! that deserves accolades in itself)

Ji-Heon is the shirtless guy & Yeon-Woo broods to the camera in her blue scrubs.
                8.  Kim Yeon-Woo & Park Ji-Heon (Dr. Champ)
                Dr. Champ was a pretty fun medical drama (and let me stress the fact that I don’t care for medical dramas that much. I don't think I'd have liked it if it were an ER show. There is soooo much unrealism that it drives me crazy. And way too much shots of open surgery. Bleh) Mainly I liked this show because of the nicely fleshed out characters who felt ordinary and real. Yeon-Woo and Ji-Heon made a really cute, understated pair that was fun to root for.
                A favorite OTP scene: Every time Ji-Heon flirted with Yeon-Woo, trying to be cool but failing, while Yeon-Woo looked embarrassed and like she just wanted to run out the door. He’s so adorkable.

This is killing me! Whyyy so adorable Shi-Gyung & Jae-Shin??
                7. Lee Jae-Shin & Eun Shi-Gyung (King 2 Hearts)
                No! Not this sweet and lovely couple that tore out my poor little heart! This couple stole the show (literally, as they were the second leads, not the main characters) with an absolutely sweet and touching romance between a strong, vivacious princess who recently became wheel-chair bound and the devoted royal guard that served her and her family.
                A favorite OTP scene: Shi-Gyung and Jae-Shin spend time in a park where he piggy-backs her for a walk. He then tells her to not blame herself for the incident that happened (because she was blaming herself) and tells her how much he feels about her. For once he throws away his reserved side that kept him away from her (because she’s royalty and all. You know the drill) and they kiss. I’m not crying; there’s just something in my eye.

Dokko Jin & Ae-Jung. I love her so much.
                6. Dokko Jin & Gu Ae-Jung (Best Love/Greatest Love)
                I love this drama. A wonderful rom-com that’s silly and happy and just sweet from beginning to end. Dokko Jin and Ae-Jung are a hilarious couple with easy chemistry. First off, Dokki Jin is a joy to watch as a self-consumed lovable dork who thinks he’s the greatest actor that ever lived. And Ae-Jung is the sweetest, most self-sacrificing (but not an idiotic pushover by any means) heroine whose takes any role, trying to escape the terrible past scandal that destroyed her career. Together they make my computer screen happy.
                A favorite OTP scene: Some jerk spills hot coffee on Ae-Jung trying to ruin her dress because he used to work with her and hates her (her scandal almost ruined his manager career too). Dokko Jin learns about it and goes and punches the guy without her knowing because revenge is sweet and don’t mess with his Ae-Jung!

Photos, in order: KBS2, SBS, SBS, MBC, MBC

Next week the countdown heats up in part 2!!!


  1. I was really curious about Baby Faved Beauty when I started dramas, but it somehow got lost in the shuffle! I like noona romances ok, and I just finished rewatching Fated to Love You, so I think I'm in the mood for more Jang Na Ra! I'll have to start it after DDay! I'll need the warm and fuzzy then :p

    I had a love hate relationship with Falling from the Stars. I genuinely liked it, but man it was so cheesy and ridiculous at times. But I did love Kang Ha and Pal Kang together. And I really loved how the kids all picked their own suitors. Adorable!

    Just thinking about King2Heart and Shin Si Kyung makes me want to bawl. God they have such good chemistry together, killing him off was the hardest thing I've think I've watched in a drama. Now when I rewatch, I can never watch the last two episodes, because I like to pretend that he really lived! Have you watched Oh My Ghostess? Cause seriously, oh my god. He is freaking amazing in it :)

    The Greatest Love is probably in my top ten favorite dramas! Cha Seung Won is just ridiculous, his Dokko Jin is just perfection! Picking a favorite scene between them is impossible. I really love when he finds out that she didn't lie about the pen, and that when she came over with the potatoes to make curry, she was being sincere. Or the scene when his video gets released to the world about her! Or his scenes with Ding Dong! Such a good drama. Next to Master's Sun, my favorite Hong Sisters!

    1. I watched Baby Faced Beauty really early on; I probably wouldn't have even remembered it but I keep a list of all the dramas I've watched. Hehe. I almost watched Fated to Love You after hearing initially rave reviews, but when I started reading the recaps - and saw all the endless angst in the second half of the drama - I decided against it. Didn't know if I could put myself through that again (which I've done plenty of times, lol) ;)

      Oh yes! Falling from the Stars had a lot of issues. I remember that I dropped the drama twice after watching some of the early episodes; I came back because I didn't have any of K-dramas I wanted to watch at the time. Man, I hated the second lead girl Jeong Jae-Yeong in FFTS so much. Just terrible writing for her part. Her obsession with Kang Ha was just bizarre and annoying.

      Yeah I can't see the ending of King2Hearts again. Why did they have to do that? I mean it was an emotional ending for sure, but so hurtful. I just wanted Princess Lee Jae Shin to be happy. Was that too much to ask drama? And I haven't seen Oh My Ghostess. I'll probably have to add that to my K-Drama watchlist!

      Yeah, I really enjoyed The Greatest Love. So many top actors and funny, genuine scenes. Cha Seung Won is, honestly, such a good actor. I've seen him in other (boring) dramas and still managed to love his character.


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