Another Top Ten OTP K-Dramas, part 2

So here it is! Part two of some of the most romantic, exciting and emotional OTPs of the K-drama universe! I had a lot of fun remembering how much I enjoyed these couples.

                5. Sol Kong-Chan & Joo Yoo-Rin (My Girl)
An oldie but a goodie. From 2005, the drama visually shows its 10 year age, but the story and lovable characters remain timeless. Yoo-Rin spends most of her life lying – to get jobs or whatever she wants. Kong-Chan just wants his grandfather to be happy and healthy. So when he becomes ill while still desperately searching for his lost grandchild, Kong-Chan decides to hire Yoo-Rin to pretend to be his long-lost cousin. When Kong-Chan and Yoo-Rin start falling for each other, they might have some big problems.
                A favorite OTP scene: Kong-Chan finds Yoo-Rin wandering the street tipsy and tells her he’s been looking for her. She’s mad at him and he tells her to go ahead and take her anger out at him. She takes that literally and tries to hit him but only swings herself around and falls into his arms. Shocked, looking up into his face, she tries to drop herself again, but he catches her again and they end up accidentally smooching. Lol. Only in a K-drama world, my friends.

                4.  Seo Jung-Hoo & Chae Young-Shin (Healer)
A story about a spunky young reporter risking her life for truth and a messenger-for-hire of the underworld falling in love. This drama took me by surprise. What started out as an interesting storyline built in so much pathos and excitement by the finale. The actors who portrayed Jung-Hoo and Young-Shin felt spot-on for the show. There’s almost a coming-of-age feel as two young, still inexperienced people become full-fledged adults who stand up for truth no matter the cost.
                A favorite OTP scene: Jung-Hoo saves Young-Shin’s life and he takes her outside a building. He’s pulled her knitted winter hat over her face so she can’t see his identity. She thanks him for saving her but chides him for risking her life. She even wishes she could repay him for helping her, but woefully tells him she doesn’t have that kind of money. Though touched by her words, he turns to leave. He stops as snow starts falling. Impulsively he strides back to her, lifts the winter hat just above her lips, and kisses her. Everything about this scene – from the kiss, to the snow, her white hat, his silence, her kind words – is just lovely.

                3.  Kim Seung-Yoo & Lee Se-Ryung (The Princess’s Man)
                Nothing like star-crossed lovers divided by warring families. Set in the 14th century, Seung-Yoo is a brooding warrior with angst in his soul and Se-Ryung is a courage noblewoman trying to follow her conscience and her heart. There’s a lot of longing and loving through difficulty. It isn’t long before you’re on the edge of your seat, hoping these two souls can be together.
                A favorite OTP scene: Seung-Yoo and Se-Ryung walk in on a swinging contest (these are giant wood boards that women stand on). Se-Ryung wants to try and Seung-Yoo gives her a push for the start. Se-Ryung enjoys the freedom of swinging through the air while Seung-Yoo watches her, his expression revealing that he’s falling in love with her. This scene is just so pretty.

                2.  Kang Chae-Yoon & So-Yi (A Tree With Deep Roots)
This is a powerhouse drama that still leaves me in awe of its complex story, unforgettable performances and emotional punch to the gut that I’m still sore from. While the romance was not a central part nor was it necessarily fleshed out that much, I still wanted these two people to be together so bad. There’s something so emotional about the idea of finding the last link to your past again. You know they have a connection that defies distance and time.
                A favorite OTP scene: Royal guard Chae-Yoon and palace maid So-Yi are attacked by a group of assassins. The lead assassin orders his men to kill the girl first. All Chae-Yoon can do is run towards So-Yi, pull her into his arms and cover her with his body as the assassins attack. Luckily the other royal guards show up in the nick of time.

                1.  Kim Boong-Do & Choi Hee-Jin (Queen In-Hyun’s Man)
Such a great drama that I think is often overlooked. Queen In-Hyun’s Man is a fusion blend of past and present with a time-traveling scholar-warrior who meets a sweet actress in the future. Their love is funny, effortlessly sweet and at times heartrending. All you want is for these two to be together!
                A favorite OTP scene: When Boong-Do kisses Hee-Jin because she taught him that’s the way modern people say “goodbye”. He clearly knows, by now, that she was messing with him. Hee-Jin is peeved that he caught on and is toying with her. Lol.


  1. That scene in Healer is everything! I love it so much :) though, the scene in his loft after she finds out who he is and he is depressed about Teacher is probably my favorite from the show! When he tells her to leave and she won't, I just wanted to cheer for her! And then after when he follows her around like a little lost duck! Adorable :)

    I'm so happy to see QIHM get number one spot on here. That drama ties with Missing You and I Hear Your Voice as my absolute favorite drama. Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na had chemistry that was just on fire. I was so sad when they broke up, cause it was like Boong Do and Hee Jin lived on! The scene in the library is so cute! I also love when she goes back and sees him on the camera and as she is leaving he grabs her for a "goodbye" kiss. And then when he shows up with the car and says he wants to be cheesy for her and that he will come back to see her! And then when he shows up at the premiere even though they told him she didn't remember him! And then the tip toe kiss in the sunflower room! I may have seen this drama too many times :p did you watch the extending ending? Good god, I nearly died :p

    1. Oh man the scene in the lost is so good. Loved how she went and found him and didn't give up when he tried to push her away.

      I have I Hear Your Voice on my watch-list (which is ever growing, lol). I'm heard a lot of good things about that one. I didn't realize that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na had been dating, though it explains their effortless chemistry on screen. :D Man there are sooo many good moments in that drama!! I did see the extended ending; I'm guessing they cut it for Korean TV regulations, though I think TvN could've gotten away with it.

  2. Awwwww!!! The couple from Healer is adorable!!! I haven't seen it, but we are supposed to watch it when we finish with Boys Over Flowers.

    1. Awesome! The couple in Healer is indeed adorable! I'm certain you'll love them. ;)


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