Six Awesome Characters in a Forgettable Drama

                So life (and work, and NANOWRIMO and everything, lol!) happened and I missed my Wednesday post on my blog. :(  I’m going to work on balancing everything so that I’ve prepared by Wednesdays. It’s sort of a learning curve, but I’m certain it’ll work out. While thinking of what to post about, I realized there are so many good characters I like from meager or disappointing dramas that I didn’t like. So why not make a list?? Because I love lists! Here’s seven of the most memorable for me:

Magistrate Kim Kyung-Tak from Dr. Jin, time travel drama
6. Kim Kyung-Tak (Dr. Jin/Time-Slip Dr. Jin
                K-Idol Kim Jae-Joong played Magistrate Kim Kyung-Tak in his first saguek Dr. Jin. This show was every kind of terrible with erratic pacing, a crazy storyline, so many plot holes it hurts, and main characters that you couldn’t care less about. Surprisingly, the show had a lot of strong supporting characters that kept me watching (at least for a while, I eventually read recaps to keep up with it, lol). I really feel like the poor tortured soul Kyung-Tak deserved a better drama. He brought a lot of pathos as an illegitimate son of a nobleman who just desperately wanted to be accepted by his father – to the point that he would do whatever horrible thing his father asked to gain that love. I especially enjoyed the BROTP feels of Kyung-Tak and his best friend, Hong Young-Hwi, who slowly became at odds as Young-Hwi joined a group of rebels.

Yin Si, on far left, with Qing Chuan beside him
5. Yin Si (Chinese Drama Palace: Lock Heart/Jade Palace Lock Heart/Palace)                I still laugh at myself for watching all of this crazy, melodramatic drama. I eventually skimmed through it unable to handle the soap opera plot points that kept escalating. I stuck around for the cute little romance between time-traveler girl Qing Chuan and Yin Si (the 8th prince in Emperor Kang Xi’s reign). Yin Si was a bit of a schizophrenic character that I loved and sometimes rolled my eyes at his stupidity. He starts out as rather deplorable, rude and controlling but magically ends up kind and supportive by the end of the drama.

respectively, Detective Maruo Kudo, & Detective Kanade Takakura
4. Kanade Takakura (J-Drama Tokyo Dogs)
I haven’t watched many J-Dramas but I happened to stumble onto this one on Dramafever. What I got was a pretty repetitive, monotonous episodic show that I kept watching because of the wonder of actor Shun Oguri. This guy is pure comedic gold! His deadpan and ridiculously serious detective, Takakura, was utterly hilarious paired up with the eccentric, at times silly, Detective Maruo Kudo. Man, if this show had employed actual character growth, a real romance, and a stronger story arc – Tokyo Dogs could’ve been amazing. At any rate, it was a fun romp with a delightful BROTP and super hot Detective Takakura.

Gangster Oh Dal Gun in middle
3. Oh Dal Gun (Bad Family)
Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve seen this drama. It aired in 2006 and seems so dated now, lol. The show was almost a dark comedy, revolving around a tragic story of a little girl who lost her memories in car crash that killed her entire family. To help her regain these memories, a relative has a friend employs a similar “family” to give her some stability. Only the friend is a former gangster who hires people with debtor loans to “pay off” the loan by pretending to be the little girl’s mom, dad, brother, etc. What ensues is hilarity – and almost all of it comes from the wonderful gangster Oh Dal Gun played by Kim Myung Min. I love Kim Myung Min! He can be utterly serious with that deep voice of his and side-splitting funny when he wants to be. This is another role with perfect deadpan stares from a grumpy-pants gangster that really has a heart of gold underneath.

respectively, Jang Joon-Ha, Bong Woo-Ri, Cha Dong-Joo
2. Jang Joon-Ha (Can You Hear My Heart)
This is when I fell for the awesome acting force that is actor Namgoong Min. Can You Hear My Heart, despite being a melodrama, is a pretty good drama with a lot of emotional points and intriguing characters. Jang Joon-Ha stole my heart as the boy who ran away from his poor relatives and ended up the adopted brother of Dong-Joo, the main hero. Joon-Ha struggled with the fact that his parents abandoned him, carrying an awfully big chip on his shoulder. His BROTP love for Dong-Joo turns almost painful when he decides to ruin Dong-Joo’s life because of tragic reasons. Namgoong Min was fascinating as he effortlessly played the frightened, hurt boy-at-heart who at any moment became a cruel, malicious and frightening man seeking vengeance.

Li Ge Xiao in black
1. Li Ge Xiao (Chinese Drama Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei/The Vigilantes in Masks)
It’s Wallace Huo!! It's really the only drama I’ve seen him in, but he stole my heart as soon as he came on screen.  Wallace is one of those great brooding actors who just delivers! He can easily be funny as he can be angsty. Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei was at times interesting but mostly erratic in pacing and plot. I still love it because it gave me Li Ge Xiao, a tortured (I’m beginning to see a pattern…) ex-marshal in the Ming Dynasty who squeezes out all the empathy of my soul as he broods his way through life after losing his wife to a diabolical enemy.

Any favorite characters from bad dramas that you remember? Or maybe a bad movie? I’d love to hear about it!

Photos, respectively: MBC, Hunan TV, Fuji TV, SBS, MBC, TVB


  1. I seriously wanted to watch Dr Jin for Jae Joong and Song Seung Hyun, but it got such awful reviews and I don't do sageuks much, so I chickened out. But I really am glad to hear that Jae Joong made such an impact. Did you watch his Spy? I've also hear bad things about that one, but I have been still considering watching it!

    I haven't seen any of the dramas on this list, which is maybe a good thing if they weren't so stellar! One of my favorite characters in dramas that I didn't love would be Eric Munn's character in Discovery of Romance. He was just so hot in that one. A lot like Jin Yi Han's character in Secret Hotel. Both dramas were a mess, but I really wanted them to get whatever it was that would make them happy!

    I really hated Cheongdamdong Alice, like you wouldn't believe! But I loved Park Shi Yoo's character so much. He was like this adorable little puppy and I wanted to protect him so much!

    Oh! And Jae Hee and Shim Ji Ho in Color of a Woman. That drama is easily the worst drama I have ever watched, but I couldn't help but fall in love with the two male leads!!

    Right now I'm watching D-Day and it started out so amazingly strong, but I'm about 15 episodes in and it's starting to feel like a drama that's gonna gets low rating from me. BUT! Even though I didn't really like Kim Young Kwang prior to D-Day, I am so unbelievably in love with him now. His character is just phenomenal!

    1. Time Slip Dr. Jin was definitely a piece of work. Lol. To be honest, Song Seung Hyun really disappointed me in it. He was stiff the whole way through and never given much to work with emotionally. I've heard he hasn't done so well in his dramas of late, but I'll always remember him fondly for My Princess. On the flip side, I really like Jae Joong in everything I've seen him in (Dr. Jin, Protect the Boss, Spy...). I did watch a few episodes of Spy, and I liked Jae Joong in it. But the drama itself wasn't what I expected - really boring and slow, very anticlimactic. I thought his mom was going to be a boss spy, but she never did any great spy stuff (at least during the beginning half of the drama.) I also hated Jae Joong's love interest in the show who was so boring to me and unnecessary. I ended up dropping the drama. :(

      Nothing like hot guys in a horrible drama to keep you going. Haven't seen Eric Munn in anything but looking at his drama page... I probably should, lol.

      I followed some of Cheongdamdong Alice's recaps; your typical annoying drama. But I do love adorable puppy dog characters. They're like kryptonite.

      It's so funny how one drama can totally change your view of an actor/actress and make you like them. After seeing Park Min-Young in City Hunter and in the terrible Dr. Jin, I wasn't a big fan of hers at all. I don't really think it was her fault, but I found her kind of boring in City Hunter and just awful in Dr. Jin (they gave her a bland and annoying character) lol. When I watched Healer, I had no idea that it starred Min-Young as the lead girl. I fell in love with Young-Shin and was honestly shocked when I found out Min-Young played her. I took back all my animosity against Min-Young, of course. ;)


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