Movies I'm looking forward to in 2016

2016 is just around the corner and how time flies. It seems to be ever increasing in its speed. I thought that 2015 was the year crammed with anticipated movies, but it seems that each year only increases the amount of exciting, much-hyped films eagerly awaited by fans. 2016 is promising to have more blockbuster films than one thought possible (remember the bygone days when a couple blockbuster films would come out a year?). Here's a look at the movies that I'm excited, curious about, and favorably considering for the new year!

December 30 (2015)
The Joseon Magician
So technically this movie is coming out in 2015, but since it's a Korean film I won't get to see it until sometime later in 2016 if and when it's released on DVD and hopefully subtitled. I watched a couple trailers for this movie - there doesn't seem to be a lot of plot (at least they didn't reveal much) except a love story between a magician and a Joseon princess. But it looks so gorgeous!! I mean seriously beautiful.

February 5
Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesSoooo, I hate zombies. Really, the whole concept is just gross. But I LOVE Pride and Prejudice. I also think the casting for this film is superb. I watched the trailer and was both equally compelled and disgusted by it, lol. Still I plan on seeing this. I might wait for the DVD so I can at least fast forward all the zombie gore.

February 8
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny
Admittedly, I like the first film though I don't love it. I think it's quite beautiful and love the martial arts and the two heroines are my favorite. I just didn't care much for the plot and didn't feel like I connected much with the characters. The trailer for this Netflix release film (I think it's also going to select theaters) looked fun with lots of cool martial arts. So I'll probably be checking this one out.

March 4
This looks so adorable!! Amusingly Disney released a trailer that was more of a "clip" where a bunny cop and a fox go to the DMV, but all the employees are sloths. The trailer sold me; this movie is going to be funny and cute and I already love it.

March 25
Batman Vs Superman
Probably one of the most anticipated movies of 2016. I'm pretty excited for this because I've always loved Batman and DC superheroes. My real qualms are the fact that Man of Steel was disappointing for me and this film is helmed by Zack Snyder as well. Not that I'm saying Zack can't do a good movie; I just hope he recognizes some of the flaws of the first one and gives up a more compelling story and actual character growth - unlike Man of Steel. Also, please let Superman/Clark talk more. He's the star after all!

April 15
The Jungle Book
While not my favorite Disney classic, I enjoyed the movie as a kid (my favorite characters were Bagheera and Shere Khan). I actually found the trailer for this live-action remake intriguing - drawn in by the whimsy of a world where jungle animals talk and have adventures. Not certain how well this movie will do, but here's hoping.

April 22
The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Okay, so I'm not sure why they decided to make this movie. The trailer was gorgeous, even if I'm still clueless what the film is really about. I actually liked the first one - it was so beautiful and had Chris Hemsworth. Well, the trailer seems to confirm both things, so I'm probably going to like this one too. Hehe.

May 6
Captain America: Civil War
I am so ready for this one!! I'm a big Marvel fan girl. Having seen the trailer a couple times now, I'm feeling better and better about this movie. It looks so awesome - the emotional stakes are high and the action looks boss! I still take issue with so many cameos; I mean, is this technically an Avengers film? The people behind the film have stated that the story focuses on Steve, though, even with Iron Man playing a large role. Which leads us to the ultimate question... which side are you on?

May 27
X-Men Apocalypse
X-Men Days of Future Past restored my hope in the X-Men series! Yes, there were a lot of plot holes and missteps but overall there was a lot of fun and heart in that movie. Which means I'm really excited about this film as well. The trailer looks extremely promising and I'm excited about the characters they're bringing in (Psylocke, Young Storm, Young Cyclops, Archangel, etc) as well as seeing familiar faces: Michael Fassbender's Magneto and James McAvoy's Professor X.

May 27
Alice Through the Looking Glass
I enjoyed the first film - which means I have to watch the sequel. Haha, excellent reasoning, right? The trailer was well done, though I can't say I'm that hyped about the movie. I'm pretty certain I'll be seeing it, whether on the big screen or DVD.

July 1
The Legend of Tarzan
Not sure what to make of this film. The trailer didn't give away much story, some of the CGI looked pretty bad, and the overall feel was Tarzan meets Planet of the Apes remake, lol. I really like the Tarzan story though (I've even read the book, haha) which means I'll probably see this film.

July 22
Star Trek Beyond
I'm aware of the unpopularity of the trailer. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I actually liked the trailer. I consider myself a Trekkie - I've seen all of the original Star Trek series (yes, the '60s show), watched all of the films (except for the very first one, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which bombed), and seen a few episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation. So I get why fans were upset. But Star Trek Into The Darkness was kind of disappointing - it felt boring, unnecessarily dark, and like they stripped all of the fun out of the story. I felt like Star Trek Beyond's trailer was fun! And that excited me.

July 29
Bourne 5
It's Matt Damon. Do I have to say more? I really like the first film and enjoyed the second and third (though I have to admit; it gets kinda repetitive). I even thought Renner's film wasn't too bad (though I haven't rewatched it or thought about it since, haha). Maybe I liked the first film the most because there was a love interest. Shrugs. I know, but a girl can hope.

August 12
Ben-Hur is an epic classic!!! Any movie with Charlton Heston is amazing, people. I mean the scope of the film was incredible. But the story, based upon the book, of forgiveness and faith in Jesus was so beautifully done. Not really certain any film could capture the essence of the book and classic 50s movie. But I'll definitely be looking for the trailer. With no poster, I just put a pic of Jack Huston who plays Ben-Hur.

October 7
Why are they making this film? Don't get me wrong. I love Gambit. Love Gambit. That's why I don't get this movie. He's always been a character within the X-Men team. As the lead of his own story, I fear that this film could get boring, which will butcher one of my FAVORITE superheroes. (This is really just about me protecting my favorite character.) I wasn't happy when I learned that Channing Tatum was hired for Gambit's role. I've simmered down a lot since then, thankfully, lol. My real issue with Tatum was the fact that of the few roles I've seen him in, I honestly felt like he didn't try to act. Probably an unfair accusation since I've only seen him in like four movies. I just don't want them to try and make Gambit into your stereotypical, boring action-flick hero. His character is waaaay more interesting than that. Whatever happens (bar that this film utterly destroys Gambit's character and breaks my heart) I'll be seeing this one.

November 23
Disney's back with another princess! Moana looks awesome even if all we've got was a picture tease. Can't wait for this one!

December 16
Rogue One (Star Wars film)
Um, it's Star Wars!! Of course I'm pumped!! The idea of a film about Rebellion pilots sounds like a lot of fun. The cast looks promising. All considered, I'm pretty stoked for this one.


  1. Civil War, Jungle Book, Tarzan, Batman vs Superman ... so many movies I'm looking forward too! It's gonna be good (I hope :D)

    1. I hope so too! It definitely looks promising.:D


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