12 Hot Brooders - J-Dramas, C-Dramas, and K-Dramas! (Silver Petticoat)

It's been a few months since I've joined the writers at The Silver Petticoat Review and I love being apart of such a fun community of bloggers/writers who love period dramas and romances! I recently wrote a "list" for Silver Petticoat about brooding heroes of Asian dramas. Enjoy!

Glorious news! Brooding heroes are a universal theme not just limited to regency period dramas! (Though we owe much gratitude to our brooding Mr. Darcy.) Why, there are loads of Asian dramas full of brooding, angsty, tortured souls.

If you’d like to know the secret to becoming an expert brooder, there are many paths to reaching your goal, most of them involving tragedy, rejection and life-long isolation! Throw in some boss sword-fighting skills or mega-wealth as a prince or pop idol and you’re well on your way. Here are twelve characters with that unforgettable smolder!

Here's the rest of the article. 


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