16 Favorite Superhero OTPs, Part 2:

Back with part two of my favorite superhero OTPs! Again most of these OTPs started as I watched the ‘90s cartoons as a kid and then the movie franchises came along. After all these years, I’m still a big superhero geek and I love the characters as well as the couples. Here’s a look at the last eight of my favorite superhero OTPs!

8. Green Arrow and Felicity Smoak
Okay, I wanted this couple so bad. I watched two seasons hoping they’d get together. I have to admit that when I realized they weren’t immediately getting together in the third season (especially after seeing the finale of the second season) I was super disappointed. I watched for a while until I became tired of other aspects of the shows (the repetitive nature, indecisiveness of characters, people who kept dying… *cough* Sara *cough* etc). I finally quit the show but still was happy when I learned this couple finally got together. Felicity Smoak is awesome-sauce! Smart, funny, silly and adorable, she has a strong presence on the show. I love her unshakable moral center and how she’s not afraid to voice it. Oliver can be irresistibly sweet and sometimes a little infuriating. I love the looks he gives Felicity (his little eyes light up every time he sees her!) and when he finally starts liking her, he does it with all his heart. Oliver does have his faults; he’ll practically shove people out of his life and can criticize his friends very harshly. Luckily, Felicity usually gets Oliver and knows when other things are going on to make him act this way. I hope this couple will be allowed a long run in the show, but this is TV so I guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers until we get to the other side.

7. Captain America and Peggy Carter
Nothing like a tragic ship that you just can’t let go of. I fell for this adorable couple when the first Captain America movie came out. Steve’s (Captain America) sweet, dedicated nature matched perfectly with Peggy’s no-nonsense, yet compassionate character. I really love the understated moments they have in the film (less can be more), with the “dance” being a central theme between them. Sadly, they were eternally separated by the end of the movie. I think, though, what heightened my feelings for the couple were all the moments after the first film. From their touching meeting in Captain America 2 in which Steve meets with aged Peggy, to all the emotions they ripped out of my heart in Agent Carter (goodbye, my love!!), to finally the dance scene in Avengers 2 (so cruel!!!). While I’ll be okay when Steve gets a new love interest (we already know that Peggy married someone else after Steve’s “death”), I’ll never forget this beautiful OTP.

6. Wolverine and Storm
Two episodes from the 90s X-Men: TAS and I was lost. In the Marvel Comics, every couple that can be shipped, however briefly, has been shipped. So this couple isn’t completely unheard of, but their couple status never lasted long (Wolverine is mainly coupled with unrequited love for Jean). Within the X-Men comics and adaptations, Storm and Wolverine’s friendship has almost always been platonic. What’s really funny is the episode that made them a couple was set in an “alternate” universe with a what-if story in the animated X-Men: TAS. In that two-parter arc, a time traveling Sentinel (mutant killing robot) goes back and kills Professor Xavier while he was in college thus affecting time in the “present” (or the ‘90s) so that a war is going on. In this “universe” Storm and Wolverine are a married couple fighting on the mutant side against humanity. The show immediately convinced me how perfect they are for each other. Storm is extremely reserved, but compassionate and just – she keeps Wolverine balanced, reminding him of what matters when he loses his head. Wolverine is his usual gruff self, but a totally softie with Storm. His adorable, hilariously overprotective nature is so sweet to see showered on Storm. Though they are not coupled together in the X-Men movie franchise, I personally felt they had a much stronger connection in ­­X-Men: The Last Stand than Wolverine and Jean. Also in the deleted scene of ­X-Men: Days of Future Past Wolverine and Storm share a KISS!! So the writers had been thinking this power couple should exist as well!

5. Hawkeye and Black Widow
I can’t help it. I love this OTP!! So much. I will still ship what could’ve been, even though Whedon decided to end this OTP (and to be clear, I’m not bashing him either. He obviously has the right to create a different couple, hehe). I first fell for them watching the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series (2010). They were mainly an antagonist couple – Hawkeye felt that Black Widow had betrayed him and was hunting her down. The show hinted at hidden romantic feelings and that Widow hadn’t willingly betrayed Hawkeye. In the 2012 Avengers film, Widow and Hawkeye’s moments together are somewhat brief (they spend some of that time literally fighting), but Widow’s palpable connection to the person who spared her life was undeniable. Their ease together (the talk after Hawkeye was free of Loki’s magic) screamed OTP. Scarlet Johansson (and apparently a few of the Marvel film writers) believed they were being set up to be a couple. According to interviews with Scarlet, she chose to wear an arrow necklace in Captain America 2, and clearly stated it was a “nod” to Hawkeye whose relationship would be further explored in future movies. These behind the scenes admissions did make watching Avengers 2 somewhat difficult for me when the pairing was completely ruled out. Mainly because it seemed like the writers originally intended to make them a couple only to suddenly pull a switcharoo. Of course, these things happen.

4. Batman and Catwoman
Probably the most iconic Batman pairing that exists. And for good reason!! Catwoman, the alluring, secretive bad girl has a wonderful cat-mouse, pull-push relationship with Batman. While she seems to enjoy toying and flirting with him and he pretending to be stoic and unmovable, there’s an unquestionable sense that underneath they feel a lot for each other. Their respective paths (criminal and vigilante) put them at constant odds, with only brief moments where they let their guard down. I was introduced to this couple in the 90s Batman cartoon, which is still my ideal version of their respective couples. I’ve never seen Batman Returns, but I really enjoyed their pairing in The Dark Knight Rises. I didn’t expect them to be a big couple in the movie, but was super happy they were. I loved their flirty banter and the emotional moments (when Catwoman tells Batman to leave the city for his safety!!). One of the best superhero couples to exist!!

3. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts
How can anyone not love these two? Pepper and Tony are such a dynamic OTP, perfectly captured in the Iron Man movies. As we all know, Tony has a very strong personality, hot-headed, with an ego the size of his wealth, and dramatic. Pepper is his polar opposite – kind, calm, sympathetic, level-headed. They’ve worked together for years, but not until Tony has his life-changing accident does he really begin to see her, I think, for the first time – and vice versa. They’re a couple of equals, supportive, intelligent, and just lovely together. Watching Tony talk about Pepper; his feelings about her just makes my heart turn into mush. I can’t imagine any other actor/actress playing them. And can I say I love that they chose someone close to RDJ’s age? It gets a little tiresome to see twenty to thirty-year age gaps between love interests. I’m not certain what will happen to the future Iron Man movies (Marvel rarely waits long before restarting a franchise), but I only hope if the couple is recast they can measure up to the wonderful couple we’ve already had the pleasure of watching.

2. Spiderman and Mary-Jane
Oh these two!! In my heart, MJ will always be Spidey’s number one girl. Despite watching Spiderman: TAS, I didn’t care much for them as a couple in the cartoon. I liked the idea of them even back then, but I had a lot of problems with MJ’s cartoon character: she was too annoying and always complaining. Then I saw the Spiderman movie – Peter and MJ were the ultimate, iconic superhero couple!! Peter loved the sweet, but hurting girl next door. Sadly, they were separated by Peter’s superhero life, unbeknownst to MJ. Can I say I love that while MJ had a huge crush on Spiderman, she confessed her feelings to Peter! Yes!! There was no question now that MJ loved Peter truly for he was – the sweetest boy ever. Then Spiderman 2 came out and made me love them even more! Of course Peter self-sacrificially gave her up to protect her, which ended up hurting her throughout the movie. Finally, there’s that glorious moment when she sees him without the mask. Oh the feels!! MJ tells Peter that she wants to be a couple, no matter the danger. His adorable thank you was the cutest thing. Then there’s Spiderman 3… I like to pretend that movie doesn’t exist. Lol. The story, writing, and acting were horribly rushed. There was so much bad in this movie. (Peter dancing in the street?? Harry gets amnesia? MJ is jealous of Spiderman’s popularity?? Brock wants ultimate vengeance because Peter took his photography job?) I get the movie’s message was about anyone can do bad things and make terrible mistakes, thus everyone needs forgiveness. But! Why did Peter suddenly become a disgusting, slimeball jerk to MJ, even before he gets overtaken by the alien symbiote? And then they have the gall to not even have Peter explain to MJ that it was alien goo that was affecting him (at least for part of the film)! No, they just slow dance at the end and we’re all left scratching our heads wondering if they’ll really get back together. So no, in my book Spiderman 3 didn’t happen. The couple I love is still safe in the ending of Spiderman 2 – MJ on the balcony waiting for her Peter to come back to her.

1. Rogue and Gambit
This might be a surprising choice for number one. In my heart, nothing could be so utterly perfect. I fell in love with this couple back in the 90s X-Men: TAS and to this day, no superhero couple has taken their place in my heart. Individually I loved their characters – the sassy, country-girl Rogue who’s strong, sweet and so tender inside, but physically cut off from the world by her inability to touch and the snarky bad boy Gambit who wears trench coats, plays cards and tries to hide his good heart from the world. Together, they are irresistible!! While Rogue clearly likes Gambit, she spends most of her time teasing or ignoring him, always on guard because of her dangerous powers that could potentially kill someone. Yet Gambit is a hilarious flirt who won’t stop pursuing her despite the obvious complication. He calls her cher, people!! I mean it doesn’t get cuter than that. My biggest reprimand for the X-Men film franchise: no Gambit and Rogue romance. Hopefully, they’ll rectify this one day and give us an on-screen pairing of the most romantic, electric superhero OTP ever!

Whose your ultimate favorite superhero OTP? Are any of these iconic superhero couples favorites of yours? I'd love to hear about it!


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