16 Favorite Superhero OTPs!

Superheroes! They epitomize my childhood. I grew up watching some of the best superhero cartoons during the ‘90s and early 2000’s. Batman, X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, Justice League, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Iron Man and probably more that I can’t remember, lol. While I watched most as a kid, some of these cartoons I saw despite being past the intended age group simply because I loved superheroes so much. I never read comics as a kid, so these cartoons were really my introduction to the DC and Marvel universes. Then the movies came. With the X-Men and Spiderman franchises, I became a superhero geek! Even today, I’ve watched a majority of the films and continue to look forward to the new films coming out. 

Of course, I shipped a lot of superhero couples!! Because the comics cover so many years, many superheroes have been paired with different people over the years (i.e. Spiderman has many love interests: Mary-Jane, Gwen Stacy, Black Cat, etc). Many of these ships I've chosen are well-established couples with years of backstory, while a few of these are OTPs that had a one-episode-pairing in a cartoon I watched. Here’s a look at 16 of my favorite superhero OTPs!

16. Thor and Jane
So this couple is a bit low on the list, which I feel bad about... but… this is mainly because of Jane’s character. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against her – I just don’t feel much for her. In the films, I like her the best in the first Thor. In Thor 2, despite being in a lot of the movie, I felt her character was ignored. They had to use plot devices to keep her around (the Aether gets in her). What I do like about this pairing is Thor. He’s so freakin’ adorable with Jane. As the god of thunder, he’s strong and fierce but around Jane he’s so sweet and chivalrous. I love when he kisses her hand goodbye in the first film twice, how she gets all flustered with the gentlemanly behavior, and that she’s the one who kisses him first.

15. Vision and Scarlet Witch
I was introduced to Scarlet Witch in the X-Men: The Animated Series. I was intrigued by her mainly because she was Magneto’s daughter, which I found cool. I saw Vision years later in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and found his story intriguing. I became loosely familiar with their backstory – a love between a sentient man made of “synthetic materials” with a desire to be human and a mutant heroine with the ability to manipulate reality. Because of that, I was excited in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Vision went back to save Scarlet Witch. While there’s been no real interaction between the couple in the film series, the small nod to their comic history was nice. It made me curious, and perhaps a little hopeful, they might have a few small moments in a future Marvel movie.

14. Spiderman and Black Cat
Spidey’s had a lot of girlfriends over the years. When I wasn’t busy shipping Spiderman and MJ, I liked the flirty moments between Spiderman and the mysterious Black Cat. The 90s Spiderman Animated Series had quite a few episodes with Felicia Hardy. Felicia always had a thing for Spiderman and later when she became Black Cat, the romantic flirting increased. The biggest flaw I find in their ship is the fact that Felicia isn’t interested in Peter Parker. Of course any girl would like Spiderman (he’s a superhero, after all) which makes her romance pale in comparison to Spiderman and MJ.

13. Psylocke and Archangel
Psylocke and Archangel had their romantic heyday in the comics during the '90s. Because of that, X-Men: TAS featured an episode that briefly hinted at the romance going on between them. Angel/Archangel, a previous “guest star” with several episodes, is at his mansion when a mutant thief with ninja skills, Psylocke, breaks in and steals something. There’s some flirty banter before Psylocke is kidnapped by some evil mutants. It was enough for me to ship this unlikely pairing. It also makes me curious to see if they’ll get any moments together in the X-Men Apocalypse film coming out next year.

12. Batgirl and Robin
I started shipping Batgirl and Robin as a kid while watching the 90s Batman: The Animated Series. There was always intimation that Robin had a crush on Batgirl, but it wasn’t until the spinoff movie, Batman & Freeze: SubZero they were dating. This follows into The New Batman Adventures (just a continuation of Batman: TAS) with an episode, Old Wounds, focusing on Robin leaving Batman and becoming Nightwing. In it, Nightwing and Batgirl split up when Nightwing can’t deal with the fact that Batgirl still works with Batman after the fallout they had. I’ve always felt that Batgirl and Robin made a good couple. My main complaint is with Robin/Nightwing who can be a bit thick-skulled and at times self-centered. While he has a good heart, he tends to focus in on things (like his anger with Batman in Old Wounds) and alienates people around him (like Batgirl). Still, they have a cute, easy vibe that makes their pairing seem natural.

11. Batman and Talia Al Ghul
I admit that I’m laughing that I have this pairing in here. It’s an unlikely choice. It's even hard to explain why I like it, because even I’m not sure why, lol. I remember liking them in the Batman: TAS. Talia is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul (the villain in Batman Begins). She’s utterly devoted to her father, and while he obviously loves her, he still treats her like she’s inferior because she’s not a son. Ra’s becomes interested in Batman (his ideal heir to his evil empire) and wants Batman to marry his daughter. What’s funny is Talia likes Batman honestly, not because of her father’s intentions. Perhaps what I like best about them is that Talia is one of the few of Batman’s love interests that knows both of his identities. Her strong, often very compassionate nature made her likable to me; sadly, her extreme loyalty to her father means she often chooses the side of evil in the end, thus separating her from Batman. In The Dark Knight Rises, Talia and Batman have a fling before he learns she’s evil. I really liked the twist of Talia being in the movie (connecting it with the first movie) but didn’t ship them as a couple (I mean she was just manipulating Batman, lol).

10. Shadow-Cat and Avalanche
Aww these two were so adorable. ­X-Men Evolution had a lot of couples but my favorite by far was the cute Kitty Pryde, who was a young X-Man team member and Avalanche/Lance, who was a rebel teen who was a part of The Brotherhood, the nemesis group of the X-Men. Though their teams were always fighting, Kitty and Lance had flirty moments. My favorite episode was when Lance almost joined the X-Men and spent a lot of his time with Kitty. As the series went on, they became more at odds because of their respective teams and goals. By the finale, the show hinted that the feelings were still there, while leaving it up in the air if they ever got together.

9. Superman and Lois Lane
I know. It doesn’t seem fair for them to be at the halfway mark. But as soon as I came to the ninth place, the war for rankings broke out! As much as I love this iconic couple that probably has more movies and shows about them than any couples here, Superman’s never been one of my most favorite heroes (yes, it’s criminal). Nevertheless, I’ve always loved Lois and the sizzling romance between spunky, no-nonsense reporter Lois and dorky, clumsy Clark Kent. My main issues with the couple: never been able to buy the whole glasses disguise (I mean, c’mon Lois!) and most versions have Lois falling for hunky Superman, while ignoring Clark. My ideal version of them is the '90s Superman Animated Series. I don’t think any version can top that. I do like the Christopher Reeves movies; he makes a very sweet Superman and Lois is a spot-on tough girl. The 2006 Superman Returns was disappointing to me; Superman/Clark felt like a side character (at least to me. I mean give this man some more lines!) and Kate Bosworth just didn’t feel like Lois to me. I watched the Lois & Clark TV show a couple years back and enjoyed the first 2 seasons. That show had one of my favorite Clark Kent versions and I thought Lois was spot-on. Man of Steel sadly disappointed me; again Superman/Clark has barely any lines/emotions through this movie. I love Amy Adams, but she didn’t have much screen time. Not to mention the romance is shoddily put together; they barely spend time on-screen together. Plus no Daily Planet Lois/Clark banter! Hopefully, this couple will get the screen time they deserve in the future...

Next Wednesday will continue with my top eight superhero OTPS! Are any of these favorites of yours? Or do you have other superhero OTPs? I'd love to hear about it!!


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