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30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – Very First Drama/Movie

As a fan of Asian dramas, I enjoy visiting new blogs and reading their reviews of dramas. While wandering the internet, I found a fun looking 30 Day Drama Challenge put together by Mocorochi and decided to go for it! 30 days is a bit overwhelming but luckily most of these questions are easy to answer… which means I’ll find new ways to over analyze and freak out over which drama I should choose, hehe.

Also, anyone who’s interested can answer these questions in the comments or try the 30 Day Drama Challenge (here’s a link to the list of questions) on your own blog. Please tell me if you do because I’d love to read your answers!

So my first (as I’ve mentioned before in my review) was the glorious epic Queen Seondeok, a 62 episode saguek (historical drama) about Princess Deokman, who despite terrible opposition became the first female ruler in Silla (early Korea). It's still on my list of top three favorites.

Japanese Drama:
Yes my first one (which isn’t hard to pinpoint as I haven’t watched that many) was The Wallflower… which I didn’t finish. Lol. I probably only watched two episodes before I quit. The story is about four handsome guy friends who board in a mansion together for free – in exchange by the rich mansion owner to transform his horror-loving, goth, boy-terrified niece into a real lady. The premise sounds promising but unfortunately the execution of the story – confusing editing, poor production, unexplained plot, strange humor – forced me to quit early on. I really felt like this was made for someone who already knew the entire story because nothing was explained or really shown in detail was frustrated a new viewer like myself.

Chinese Drama:
I’m not really sure what my first C-drama was but I’m gonna guess The Legend of the Condor Heroes. This drama is based on an extremely popular wuxia novel about two best friends in the Song Dynasty who are killed and their sons who become enemies and learn martial arts and all that stuff. I didn’t finish this one either probably making it to 20 episodes before I quit (it’s really long with 50 episodes). I found the story intriguing but wasn’t always a fan of the characters themselves. And I’m not a big fan of Hu Ge who plays the leading man. (I know, I’m crazy. Hu Ge is hugely popular and in every C-drama, lol). Also I realized my favorite character (Yang Kang) was going to be the baddie and I was sad.

Taiwanese Drama:
 My first T-drama was possibly Hayate the Combat Butler (2011) which I dropped. I’m sensing a pattern here. I probably only watched two episodes? It just wasn’t for me – the story was about a guy who is in terrible debt from his family so he plans to kidnap a rich heiress to get money but instead accidentally saves her from a real kidnapping (and also, she thinks he likes her for some reason) and then he becomes her butler? The story was zany on steroids and I just couldn’t follow what was going on. 


  1. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy reading these 30-day posts. :D

    The PLOT of The Wallflower sounds fantastic but ugh, how /annoying/ when the execution of something is less than good.

    I haven't seen Legend of the Condor Heroes yet but I've seen a bunch of clips from Return of the Condor Heroes with Liu Yifei (one of my favorite Chinese actresses) and Huang Xiaoming.

    1. :D Yay! I enjoy writing them!

      Right? The Wallflower sounded so promising. :(

      Oh yeah, I've seen a lot of pictures of Liu Yifei in Return of the Condor Heroes. She always looks so gorgeous and ethereal. I liked her a lot in the Chinese movie White Vengeance with Feng Shao Feng, though her role was somewhat small.

  2. Dude Namato was my first J-Drama, too! It was...not good! I think it's part of the reason that I really don't care about J-dramas at all. I am all for reverse harems, give me more reverse harems! But man, Namato was just horribly executed!

    1. J-dramas can be hit or miss for me as well. I love reverse harem stories also but you're absolutely right - the execution was really bad. Lol


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