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Challenge: Day 11 – Drama that you dropped and why

This could be a really long post but I will restrain myself from writing about every drama I ever dropped (I’d probably be writing for days, lol!!) and choose Spy.

Oh, I wanted to like Spy so bad! I was excited when I learned about the drama – an ex-North Korean spy must protect her son, Kim Sun-Woo, who is a South Korean agent but has no idea that his mother was a former enemy spy.

The plot sounded so promising! The poster looked boss, the short trailer I saw hinted at exciting things to come and it starred Jaejoong with his last drama before going to the army! I loved the idea of spy family members not knowing each other “spy” identity – much like Mr. and Mrs. Smith except this time a mom and son. I envisioned momma spy fiercely protecting her son and taking down baddies like no one’s business.

Sadly, four episodes or so in I was over the drama. It was so boring and anticlimactic. I expected action and suspense but there was little of that. Momma spy Park Hye-Rim was disappointing; she never seemed like a boss spy. She didn’t seem like spy material at all as she had no idea what was going on around her and kept botching up stuff that she should know how to do. Then there was spy son Kim Sun-Woo’s romance with an extremely boring girl who I didn’t care about at all. I did follow the recaps for a little while but they confirmed what I already knew – this show wasn’t going to live up to the potential that I had dreamed for it, which was a shame.


  1. I didn't see the show but I've mostly avoided shows about spys because there's always this thing about identity crisis that annoys me. spys have to pretend and lie all the time which makes it difficult to figure the characters and whether what they're doing is something they want to do or something they had to do.

    the show 'time between wolf and dog' was the show I dropped, which also has to do with spying and going undercover. even with Lee Jun Ki, it was mostly a boring show about people who keeps lying and lying and doing things they wish they wish they didn't have to do.

    that's my 2cents about spy shows. have a lovely day.

    1. I definitely understand what you mean. Spies usually do end up lying constantly and it's difficult to know where the spy job ends and the spy's real feelings begin. Also I hate fallout between characters because of lies.

      Haven't seen Time Between Wolf and Dog but all the lying would definitely irk me. Especially how they constantly have to do what they don't want to, lol.

  2. This is just hella disappointing! I really, really wanted to watch this drama, and then they took it off of Viki and I so I pushed it further down my list cause I am impossibly lazy and if it's not easy access, I tend to not watch it :p But I had been hearing bad things about it, but I thought I could ignore them. After this I am thinking maybe I shouldn't ;(

    1. Aww no! I hate it when dramas I want to watch disappear. It might be better going in with lower expectations... :D or that might be a little too optimistic, lol. I did like Jaejoong in it. I was just too bored to care to stick around, hehe.

    2. That makes me sad it was boring :( the premise is so promising! though I am glad that Jaejoing was good in it! After Protect the Boss, I was really hoping to watch him in something as the lead! Did you watch Level 7 Civil Servant? I'd be interested to see how Spy measured up to that drama. Cause I made it through that crap, maybe I could make it through Spy too :p

    3. I was glad that Jaejoong was good also! I really like him as an actor. I watched a few episodes of Level 7 Civil Servant before dropping it, hehe. That drama was really bad too. If you made it through that you could definitely make it through this one. ;)

  3. This is so sad to hear...I was planning on watching Spy at some point. :)
    {I dropped Level 7 Civil Servant pretty fast...though I kind of loved Time Between Dog and Wolf and I've watched it at least twice.}

    1. I know; I was disappointed with how the drama was put together. :(
      Yeah Level 7 was... pretty bad, lol. Haven't seen Time Between Dog though I've heard of it. ;)


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