Challenge: Day 14 – Drama that Never Gets Old

A drama that never gets old to me is one with an irresistible re-watchable quality. One that I not only can re-watch but want to re-watch.

I have watched Queen Seondeok so many times. Almost as soon as I had finished the drama, I watched it over with my sister. And re-watched it myself, lol. I guess I’m just a sucker for boss princesses and loyal bodyguards. And Kim Nam-Gil as a tortured warrior.

My second choice would be Protect the Boss. It’s very rare that I re-watch an entire drama over again; but I have seen this one all the way through twice. And loved it just as much the second time around.


  1. I like the look of both of these, and if you say you've rewatched them ... dramas are long. Which means they must have been REALLY good.

    Doomed. I'm doomed. XD

    1. Yes, dramas are long! I definitely feel like these two are awesome, though I think I just really connected with these stories; they had a lot of elements that I personally like and great casts. However, I was probably 20 episodes in Queen Seondeok when I went from: I really love this drama to I LOOOOOOOVE this drama!! Lol. Sometimes you're halfway in it before you realize how far you're fallen in love. ;)

  2. have not seen 'Queen Seondeok' but I have seen the actress in 49 days & loved her in that drama. I'm not fan of long dramas, I kind of avoid watching 50+ epsiode dramas. I guess I really don't have the patience.

    I did love watching 'protect the boss' it was fun to watch until the male lead made some lame excuse to stay away from the girl toward the end, other than that, it was fun.

    have a lovely day.

    1. I really liked the actress in QSD. Haven't seen 49 days but I've heard of it. I understand; 50+ episodes is really asking a lot for any fan, lol.

      Oh yes, the "selfless" act of the hero/heroine to leave the other person gets so annoying. It's rarely ever selfless, anyway. :)


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