Challenge: Day 16 – Drama cliché that you wish would stop

Oh man, there are quite a few clichés I’d like to end, with a quick and painless death. Lol. Here are just a few that I’d like to be toned down and/or approached differently.

#1 Hero will tell heroine’s potential boyfriend to give her up… but doesn’t talk to the girl himself. I usually try and let it go (starts singing Frozen song), but what really irks me is when the hero does this in FRONT of the girl. Like, she’s right there; go talk to her! This happened quite a few times in My Secret Hotel which forced some involuntary cringing and head-banging from me.

#2 The second lead is a gentleman from heaven and the love interest is an entitled loser who changes at the last second... uh he does change right? To clarify, I don’t have a problem with a bad boy or rude selfish Mr. Darcy-type character. However, Mr. Darcy changes! (I know. Shocking, hehe). He realizes he’s been mean, acknowledges his behavior, and changes it. But a lot of these heroes’ act like jerks to the very end while rarely being nice… like that makes up for their cruel behavior earlier. This really irked me in Secret Garden. I can watch a show with a guy like that but it still really bugs me. And then on top of that, they always have the contrasting second lead whose insanely kind, respectful and selfless to remind us how the heroine should be treated.

#3 The flashbacks!! I'm laughing and crying over this one. For example, you have a scene where the hero asks the heroine if she wants to date but she doesn’t answer. Then the very next scene with the heroine silently standing in a room, we have a flashback cut to the scene of the hero asking her to date. I mean, I can figure out what she’s thinking about. My memory is not that short term, lol.

#4 Over-the-top shaming of people. I mean, from a writer's perspective I understand the need to interject some drama. But characters always being shamed for stuff like being poor, overweight, or divorced is very, very irritating. And this happens in Hollywood rom-coms just as it does in Asian dramas. Whhhhy?


  1. #1 - yeah, somehow I think these scenes never quite work as we almost always knew who ends up with who

    #2 - me too on this. sometimes I wish the girl would end up with the second male lead just because I think guys shouldn't treat girls so badly and then get the girl, almost like the universe is backward or something.

    #3 - I don't like those either especially when whatever happened, happened so soon. that includes forward and backward story telling. I mean, why do they have to start with a future event and work backward? the show 'I hear your voice' does this twice. the first time, I thought I might have missed an episode ( I was watching it on dvd) and gone back to the previous disc to check. I honesty do not like it if it is used a lot. I mean, what so creative about that?

    #4 - I agreed with you on this. for example, the slapping of cheeks which is considered very shameful in public, I find it rather dumb sometimes because these people are adults, they should have better manners. sometimes those characters slaps the other person back which I'm glad to see.

    you have listed most of what would have thought of. can't think of any more.

    have a lovely day.

    1. There's definitely been many times when I shipped the girl with the second dude who was nicer.

      Yes the flashbacks are annoying; I didn't even think about the flashforwards but those can be super confusing as well.

      Right? Slapping people is pretty crazy. I do appreciate it when the girl (cuz it's almost always the girl who gets slapped) won't stand for it. I find the "slapping someone with water in the face" almost hilarious now. It happens like in every drama, lol!

  2. Secret Hotel was the first drama in the history of my drama watching where I wanted to girl to say screw you to both the guys and walk off and find fulfillment all on her own! Though, not really, because I seriously fell in love with Goo Hae Young, and I wanted him to be happy. But I got so tired of watching the two male leads fight over the lead girl as if she wasn't even there!

    I will never understand why they have such a sharp contrast between male leads like that! I think the first time I was really surprised by the leads in a drama triangle was with Heirs. Before watching it, I would have bet good money on Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin's characters being switched.

    Flashbacks seriously need to die! I can't remember which drama it was that I was watching just recently, but every single episode was guilty of the show a scene, and then 15 seconds later flash back to it!

    I really hate that about kdramas, cause it feels so much more overt in them than it does in American shows that I watch!

    1. I felt the same in Secret Hotel. I wanted the girl just to get away... but I still loved Goo Hae Young, so I put up with all the craziness, lol.

      Haven't seen Heirs but I've heard a lot about its crazy love triangle, hehe. I always love a drama where they choose not to do the most obvious male lead contrasting... where both guys are multi-layered. Or even better, there's no love triangle (like in Descendants of the Sun. So awesome.) Honestly, I'm not against love triangles but it's so overused I think we could take a break from it more often.

      I will fast forward flashback scenes sometimes because it gets so bad!


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