Challenge: Day 2 – Favorite Drama

I don’t even have to think about this one! A Tree With Deep Roots hands down! A saguek K-drama, this one won my heart from the first episode. With only 24 episodes, this i much shorter than your typical saguek and I think it helps because the story was fine-tuned to utter perfection. The characters are moving, emotionally driven and fantastically portrayed.

The story follows Chae Yoon, a slave, who’s out for revenge on King Sejong for the death of his father. Chae Yoon becomes a royal guard and gets entangled with King Sejong’s attempt to make a Korean alphabet, a secret organization assassinating scholars who are helping Sejong, and a palace maid who is the key to Chae Yoon’s past – and Korea’s future.

This K-drama has the best acting I’ve seen in an Asian drama. There is so much more than a revenge story. It tells the story of what happens to a slave messenger’s son whose slaughtered for bringing a letter that he can’t even read, of a king and prince who are so dedicated to their people they won’t let death frighten them off, of a secret organization that seeks to aid the people but in the end refuses to accept change that will give the people the strength to help themselves. And like good writing, it perfectly envelopes that story with intense life and death stakes, exciting martial arts fights, and shocking twists and turns.

This was a toughie. I finally decided on The Vigilantes in Masks/Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei – a drama set in the Ming Dynasty about an ex-marshal, a lady thief, a strong man, and a magician/stage actor who come together to be a Robin Hood-like group that steals to help the people. The story/pacing can be a bit uneven and there are a lot of bizarre turns but Wallace Huo is glorious as the angsty, tortured ex-marshal.

My second choice would’ve been The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan because Peter Ho. And seven brothers. And Eddie Peng was cute. And Peter Ho… which I just said…

Tokyo Dogs! Because Shun Oguri! He is so funny; his deadpan is hilarious. I totally loved the brotp fun between him and Mizushima Hiro. The show follows two detectives who are total opposites – Shun Oguri is a detective who worked in America and doesn’t hesitate to shoot anyone suspicious and Mizushima Hiro is a much chiller Japanese detective who likes to joke around... and not use guns. The drama itself was extremely episodic and refused to allow any character development which was disappointing. Still, I finished this one which means something!

This is a no-brainer for me. Taiwanese Drama Office Girls! Roy Chiu and Alice Ke are adorable here; their chemistry is awesome and I equally loved both of their characters. I still would’ve preferred a little more growth for them at their office… after all much of the story is set in the office. The story is about Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu) who is the heir to a big department store but his dad makes him work from the bottom rung without anyone knowing his identity. Of course, he falls for his fellow co-worker, a sweet, hard-working girl. Definitely an easy, fun watch.


  1. Tree With Deep Roots is moving steadily higher on my list, as I finish other dramas or drop dramas. Soon, hopefully. :)

    YI ZHI MEI. It was my first cdrama, and I still love it. Each of the four leads was a great character, even though the storylines left something to be desired some of the time.

    OOOH! I started Young Warriors of the Yang Clan a couple months ago but haven't made time to go past the first half hour. I'm really looking forward to Eddie Peng, Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge (my first drama with him), and Justin Yuan as the bad guy. (He makes an awfully pretty bad guy, just sayin'.) *adds the Yang Family to list of things you and I must discuss* :)


    1. I have so many dramas going up and down my TBW list it's kinda crazy. lol.

      Awesome that your first C-drama was so good! Yi Zhi Mei has a special place in my heart. I remember re-playing the scene when Wallace carries Liu Shi Shi out of the "fake wedding" quite a few times, hehe.

      OOO awesome!! Young Warriors was a good one! Justin Yuan is wonderful as usual; and yes, he's an awfully pretty bad guy.

      Yes, Tokyo Dogs! (I mean it's hard to say no with Shun Oguri's FACE STARING at us LIKE THAT on the poster!) It makes me want to go and re-watch some of it, lol.


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