Challenge: Day 3 – Favorite Male & Female Character

Favorite Male Character: Bidam (K-drama Queen Seondeok)

Kim Nam Gil was born to play this role as he effortlessly channels angst and emotion into the troubled young warrior who falls in love with Princess Deokman -  but also wants power for himself. Misunderstood (and emo) villains are very popular these days and Bidam definitely fits in that typecast. He also wears black, so there’s that. Much like Anakin Skywalker, Bidam’s story suggests and questions a character’s inescapable fate to falling to the “dark side”. You feel for him, you grieve for how he’s been misused and controlled his whole life, but underneath you know that Bidam wants power and he’s going to do whatever he has to do to get it. And that dichotomy is what makes Bidam fascinating as a character.

Favorite Female Character: Cheon Song-Yi (K-drama You From Another Star)

Jeon Ji-Hyun was probably born for role this role as well. She is utter perfection as the sassy, snarky movie actress who really has a giant heart of gold underneath. She’s hilarious in how she deals with everything – and surprisingly relatable in that regard too. From her need to outdo everybody, to her belief that Do Min-Joon couldn’t possibly not be interested her (hehe), she is just too good for words. She’s also adorably honest about her feelings and very supportive of others.


  1. I've suspected for a while that Bidam is going to be my favorite of the leads in QS. This post strengthens that suspicion. :)

    I really need to watch You From Another Star. Maybe I'll start that this week....

    1. I'm probably biased, but Bidam is awesome-sauce. :D

      Yes! I really love YFAS. Such a good K-drama.


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