Challenge: Day 4 – Favorite Actor & Actress

Ahh! This is an IMPOSSIBLE question that cannot be answered. However, I will valiantly attempt despite the unfeasibility of this while pulling out all my hair and drenching my keyboard with tears! (That last part may have been a slight exaggeration)

Favorite Actors:

Korea: Lee Joon-Ki

I think it’s only fair to choose Lee Joon-Ki, after all I’ve seen him in half-a-dozen dramas (though I didn’t finish them all, but it wasn’t because of Joon-Ki!). I wasn’t extremely taken with him when I first watched him but he grows on you until you can’t deny how good he is. He just brings so many emotions to his roles and makes you root for his characters every time.

 Japan: Sato Takeru

Sato Takeru played Rurouni Kenshin in the three Rurouni films. It’s very difficult for actors to play sweet or naïve characters without coming off as unintelligent or dimwitted but for me Sato Takeru effortlessly portrays innocence, just as he does maturity. I recently watched him in a J-drama and loved his character portrayal.

China: Wallace Huo

I admit it. I’ve only seen one drama with Wallace Huo. But I do want to see more and hopefully will. He’s one of those actors that has that natural, angst-filled intensity much like Richard Armitage.

Taiwan: Roy Chiu

Okay, so I’ve only seen Roy Chiu in one drama also. But he was seriously adorable in it and really the ideal “boy-next-door” actor.

Favorite Actresses:

Korea: Gong Hyo-Jin

Aww, Gong Hyo-Jin, so perfect with her sweet, mild voice, her adorable smile and overall charm. I just love her acting to pieces. She always makes the perfect heroine.

Japan: Rinko Kikuchi

For a Japanese actress I like, I think Rinko Kikuchi is a good choice. I’ve only seen her in Pacific Rim but she really shone in that role and I’d like to see her in more in the future.

China: Zhang Ziyi

Who doesn’t love Zhang Ziyi? Technically, she’s a Chinese film actress as she’s never acted in a drama. She’s stunning and always brings an intense emotional undercurrent to her characters even when playing icy personalities. She’s got to be a real life princess.

Taiwan: Alice Ke

Alice Ke is so adorable! She has that natural “girl-next-door” vibe and a down-to-earth feel that I really like (and can be hard to find) in actresses. 


  1. Lee Joon-Ki - oh yes, I think he is the only reason to watch historical dramas, I wouldn't have watch if he wasn't there.

    Wallace Huo - another wonderful actor, although whenever I watch him in a drama, his voice is always dubbed so I'm never quite sure how he really sounds, but I did sort of watch some clips with his real voice & it sounded good, though I can't remember now.

    I can't really tell you my favorite as I'm not quite sure how to spell their names so I won't try.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. Lee Joon-Ki definitely got me to watch quite a few historical dramas I probably wouldn't have otherwise. ;)

      Whaaa? His voice was dubbed? I guess I should know that - I mean I was aware that they dub a lot of the voices in C-dramas (especially the kids; they always sound the worst), however I didn't realize his voice was dubbed. Oh my word; now I need to know what his real voice sounds like!!

      I didn't know many of these names either, lol, I just looked up the dramas and found their names so I totally understand.

      Thank you! Have a beautiful day as well. :D


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