Day 7 – Your Drama Crush

Already on Day 7! Time is whizzing by. This is an interesting question as I like a lot of drama characters but can’t really consider it a crush as they’re not someone I’d ever really want to like in real life, lol. But as long as the character remains in the realm of dramaland than my drama crush would go to…

Ha Woo-Jin in Liar Game. He’s an ex-con professor who was out for revenge against the company that ruined his mother and led her to her death. He ends up in a dangerous, everything-is-not-as-it-seems reality game show that’s hosted by a mysterious man with a dark agenda.

Why do I love Woo-Jin? First of all, he’s incredibly brainy smart, equivalent to a Korean Sherlock. He might act grouchy and detached but underneath he has a precious marshmallow heart. He protects his friends with fierce loyalty. He’s actually very compassionate in nature, which shows when he’s forgiven or risked his life for someone undeserving. And of course, the dimples. And great hair.

Runners up:
Officer Choi Moo-Gak (The Girl Who Sees Smells) as he’s one of those rare down-to-earth drama leads who’s sweet and funny.
Eun Shi-Kyung (King2Hearts) a royal guard whose shy, utterly sweet and loyal.

Lee Jeong-Hwan (Fugitive of Joseon/Heaven’s Mandate), a detective/royal guard who’s hilarious grouchy but of course syrupy sweet underneath all that gruffness.


  1. YES!! So much yes :) I fell so in love with him in Liar Game, he completely made the drama. I also love your first two runners up!

    1. YES! Woo-Jin WAS the heart of Liar Game!! And high-fives for Office Choi and Eun Shi-Kyung for being such sweet adorable crushes!

  2. He really was! He was so smart and cunning, but he had this vulnerable side to him that you couldn't help but love him whenever we got to glimpse it! And his need to protect his people, he was a lot more like his mom than he wanted to admit!

    1. Ughgh yes!!! I adore characters with the hidden "vulnerable side" like Woo-Jin. :D

  3. Replies
    1. So awesome to see other people who loved Liar Game as well!!


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