Great Movies for Valentine's Day/Week

In honor of upcoming Valentine's Day, I decided to do a post of great movies that I think are perfect for Valentine's day (i.e. romantic films... well, most of them). There’s something here for everyone! (the films are listed from left to right, first top row, then bottom row)


This is a great Valentine's Day movie with a core message that says love is so much more than merely romantic. After all, love isn't falling in love at first sight but someone whose faithfully been by your side and has taken the time to know you. Plus this movie is visually gorgeous.

Beauty and the Beast
My favorite Disney movie, so of course I had to list it! A sweet timeless (starts singing - tale as old as time) story about love being about what's inside not the exterior.

Funny, sweet and adorable. Tangled reminded me why I'm still such a big Disney princess fan. The romance between Flynn and Rapunzel is perfection,

Cinderella 2015:
"Have courage and be kind." This movie is as beautiful outwardly as its themes and messages are. 



Band Baaja Baaraat:
Silly, good Bollywood fun as two feisty friends start a wedding catering business and then everything is jeopardized when love begins to blossom between them.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi:
Shah Rukh Khan plays the hero. That's all you need to know!! Okay, if you need more - SRK plays a mild mannered man who has an arranged marriage with a young woman. He begins to fall so in love with her that he decides to do something for her - like disguising himself as another guy and helping her make her dancing dreams come true.

Nothing like a good angsty, melodramatic Bollywood film to tear your emotions to pieces. Zooni is a blind girl who falls hard for a mysterious, flirty tour guide, Rehan. Tragedy and death divide them but years later hope awakens Zooni's heart when Rehan finds her again. Unbeknownst to her, sinister, terrifying secrets threaten to tear them apart again. Bring your tissues, my friends.

Splash Splash Love:
Technically this is a miniseries, but with a 2 hour run-time it's really just like a movie. Romantic, adorable and sweet, this follows the story of Dan-Bi, a teenaged girl, who time-slips back hundreds of years ago and falls in love with a terribly charming king. But fate couldn't possibly allow them to be together, could it?




Return to Cranford:
Tom Hiddleston! Need I say more? Actually, this sequel to Cranford (which both are short miniseries) has a fantastic ensemble with touching stories of the wonderful, humorous, and courageous people living in Cranford. Tom Hiddleston is just icing on the cake.

Love’s Enduring Promise:
From the long-running Hallmark series, this is the second in the Love Comes Softly saga. Here, Missy, daughter of Marty and Clark, meets a mysterious stranger Nate who shows up at her family's farm to help out. This is a very sweet film and one of my favorites in the Love saga.

The Importance of Being Earnest:
Collin Firth! Wit! Puns! Hilarity! If you haven't read/watched one of Oscar Wilde's plays, definitely do so. This one is a delightful and playful romp that you won't regret watching.

The Young Victoria:
THIS is a romantics movie. The sweet, moving and endearing love story of Victoria and Albert is beautifully told here and never fails to melt my heart.




While You Were Sleeping:
Sandra Bullock was the rom-com girl of the '90s and for good reason. This one only gets cuter and sweeter to me with every re-watch.

Bride Wars:
This is a recent one for me but I found it hilarious. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are besties who turn into bridezillas when they realize one of them isn't going to get the wedding of her dreams.

You’ve Got Mail:
Great cast with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I love all of the versions of this story (the original Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart and The Good Old Summertime starring Judy Garland). Falling in love over letters (or emails in this adaptation) is pretty sweet and timeless.

The Lake House:
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Not a pairing I'd have come up with, but I really love this film. It's slow build to a perfect ending. These two lovers are literally separated by time as they magically exchange letters through a mailbox.




Alice (sy-fy):
I was really surprised by this fun and intriguing retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story with an almost futuristic, yet bizarre world. Plus Hatter and Alice are adorbs.

Edge of Tomorrow:
This is really an action flick about Tom Cruise living Groundhog Day in the battlefield - reliving one day again and again and again. But his romance with Emily Blunt is beautifully done as he begins to fall in love with a girl who never knows him beyond a day.

Jupiter Ascending:
Haha. Yes, I put this movie here. It was a failure according to critics and yes, it's story isn't that put together. But I found the romance of human girl and alien dude (played by Channing Tatum) exactly what I like. Plus the gorgeous sci-fi costumes made me happy.

Tuck Everlasting:
Tear-jerker alert. Thanks Disney for searing my childhood with emotional memories!! This is a bittersweet story about a girl who finds a family that drank from the fountain of youth and can't die. She falls for the family's sweet, teenaged son, Jesse, but can she really choose to live forever to be with him?


  1. I think I can get Mel to show us Splish Splash Love. That is if Mom wants to. Otherwise we would probably watch Healer.

    1. Ooo both are great choices!

    2. 'Get Mel to show us SSL' MEL'S ONLY BEEN INSISTING THAT YOU WATCH IT FOR A MONTH AND A HALF. 'get Mel' Yeah, I think you can safely count on being able to persuade Mel to allow you to watch this. :D

    3. Lol!! Ah yes, the truth comes out. You two sound exactly like me and my sisters.:D

  2. Splash Splash Love is the /perfect/ Valentine's Day movie/drama. :) I need to check out the Bollywood ones you listed. I haven't seen anything Bollywood yet but I've been wanting to for a long time. Bride and Prejudice is on our list for one of the next girls' movie nights.

    1. Definitely! Splash Splash Love is an ideal Valentine's show.
      I haven't watched a Bollywood film in a while but these are old favorites. Guess I'm just a sucker for all the gorgeous clothes and dramatic romance. Haha.
      Bride and Prejudice is a good one! I enjoyed it a lot.

    2. I watched Band Baaja Baaraat last night because I wanted something different from what I usually watch and because Netflix had it. I found it rather cheesy but amusing and FUN. I enjoyed it.

    3. Cool! Band Baaja Baaraat is pretty cheesy but a lot of fun. I've seen it a couple times, hehe.

  3. I'm glad you did this post, it was so fun reading about some of your favorite "romance" films! Seeing Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi here, I looked up more about and it looks so adorably sweet and exactly "my" kind of story :)

    1. Aww thank you! And yes, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is really sweet. :D

  4. What a fabulous list! I love how you put this together (breaking it up into genre), Faith - and three cheers for so many of these.

    Cinderella is dreamy; The Young Victoria charming AND ROMANTIC; The Lake House poignant; 'Earnest' hilarious; Jupiter Ascending fantastic fun; and Alice has one of the sweetest albeit underrated romantic endings ever. Also, I'm glad to see Edge of Tomorrow on your list. I've been curious about it but have as yet to watch it. Best remedy that. :)

    1. Aww thanks Rissi! So many lovely films out there. :D

      Oh yes, Edge of Tomorrow is a good one! Have fun watching it. :D

  5. Ahhhh! So many favorites!!!

    I'm really glad you liked Maleficent--a lot of people didn't, but *I* thought it was pretty amazing.

    And Love's Enduring Promise! I like that one and the first one, they're two of my favorites in the series :)

    And the chick-flicks! And Tuck Everlasting!

    Basically, I loved this post :D

    1. I agree! Maleficent was such a beautiful, well-done fairy-tale movie!

      Yes the earlier films in the Love's saga were the best.

      Thanks Olivia :D


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