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And Even More Top Ten Couples!

It’s back! Another Top Ten OTPs from K-dramas! I know, I know. It’s crazy to have this many favorite OTPs. Or… maybe not! Because having too many OTPs is like having too much clothes. There’s no such thing. Though my closet wouldn’t know personally… and my bank account thanks me for that as well. Check out My Top Ten Part 1 & Part 2 and Another Top Ten Part 1 & Part 2 for the original OTP posts.

Again, I must admit that my rating system is unashamedly biased. I may like a silly couple from a stupid drama better than a wondrous couple from an ah-mah-zing drama just cause I’m that way (read: crazy). Let the fun begin!

And Even More Top Ten K-Drama Couples! 
(Part 1)

Jung-Woo & Ae-Ra
10.  Na Ae-Ra & Cha Jung-Woo (Cunning Single Lady/Sly and Single Again)
                Not sure why but I really like stories of divorced couples getting back together. I think it’s really the idea that circumstances/whatever has separated them but they can’t get over their love for one another – which makes a great romantic premise. In this drama, Ae-Ra and Jung-Woo are hilariously bickering exes who really dislike each other. Of course, that’s merely a cover-up for unresolved feelings and a lot of pain from the past. This couple has great chemistry with each other, managing to carry an other-wise boring show to a happily-ever-after.
                A Favorite Moment: A kiss under the cherry blossom trees. Because, beautiful and yay a kiss!

Lee Shin & Gyu-Won
     9.  Lee Gyu-Won & Lee Shin (Heartstrings)
                I almost gave up on this drama early on until this couple slowly began to emerge. Heartstrings is a quiet slice-of-life drama that brings a couple that’s sweet, cute and just simple. These characters feel more like the average people you’d know at college, which makes it all the more enjoyable. This show is sometimes considered the alternative to You’re Beautiful, where actor Jung Yung-Hwa finally gets the girl.
                A Favorite Moment: The forehead kiss. Too cute!

Enrique & Dok-Mi
8.  Go Dok-Mi & Enrique Geum (Flower Boy Next Door)
                Such a cute couple! Extremely shy girl Dok-Mi pretty much locked herself up in her apartment for years until bubbly, adorable Enrique bursts into her life. Lots of life lessons and personal growth come from this sweet relationship.
                A Favorite Moment: Enrique catches Dok-Mi peeping at him through her apartment window and he comes over to her apartment building making a huge ruckus (and freaking out the little hermit Dok-Mi). Lol. Such a hilarious scene.

No-Ra & Hyun-Suk
7. Ha No-Ra & Cha Hyun-Suk (Twenty Again)
                Ahh the cute! Sweet, unassuming No-Ra decides to go back to college – and collides with professor and former first love, Hyun-Suk. Though this drama doesn’t focus on the romance until later on, this couple has a lot of time together, rebuilding their friendship and learning about each other along the way. Though Hyun-Suk can be a bit of a grouchy baby, with dimples like his he can be forgiven most anything!! And when he’s not being grouchy, he’s usually being over-the-top selfless. So it balances out, I think. Meanwhile, No-Ra is perfection. That’s all.
                A Favorite Moment: No-Ra dancing on the stage and Hyun-Suk watching with little heart eyes of love. Haha.

Joo-Eun & Yeung-Ho
6. Kang Joo-Eun & Kim Yeung-Ho (Oh My Venus)
Oh my indeed! Actors Shin Min-Ah and So Ji-Sub have loads of chemistry onscreen bringing together a couple that’s easy to root for. Joo-Eun is a spunky, strong heart who never gives up. Yeung-Ho is a sweet, chivalrous rich guy (who wants to live like a normal guy. Sounds like he’s perfect…) with a gigantic compassionate heart. Clearly perfect for each other!
                A Favorite Moment: Joo-Eun and Yeung-Ho sneaking hugs and cute moments together behind Yeung-Ho’s buddy roommates’ backs. Adorable.


  1. I really liked Ae Ra and Jung Woo together, but even so, I still had some pretty massive second lead syndrome in Cunning Single Lady!

    I had dropped Heartstrings twice before finally finishing it! They were cute together, but that drama just couldn't live up to You're Beautiful. Shin Woo was a much better character than Lee Shin.

    Enrique is amazing. Seriously. I want more Enrique all of the time!

    I haven't watched Twenty Again, but now I am thinking I should :)

    Oh My Venus really shocked me be how good the chemistry was and how cute the storyline was! I wasn't going to watch it, but then I kept seeing little Henry clips everywhere and I got sucked in.

    1. Oh yes, Seo Kang Joon was seriously adorable as the second lead!

      Heartstrings was cute, though definitely not as addictive as You're Beautiful.

      I really enjoyed Twenty Again. It just made me happy, haha.

      Haha, oh Henry. He's hilarious. I love the constant "ma'am" he uses. The chemistry was definitely what made the show worth watching. :D

    2. I decided to start Twenty Again, since I've loved all of your other top ten couples that I have watched! I'm only 6 episodes in, but I love Hyun Suk so much! He still hasn't found out she isn't really dying, so he is doing all of these amazing things for her bucket list, and I swear, every episode I fall more in love with him!

    3. Yay! Twenty Again is a great one. Hyuk-Suk is really too perfect at times, hehe. He's won many of our hearts. :D


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