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Challenge: Day 19 – Least Favorite Character

(sadly no one's hair was this awesome in the drama)
Stars Falling from the Sky (Wish Upon a Star/Pick Up the Stars) wasn’t one of the best dramas I’ve seen, however it had a lot of cute characters – the leads and the adorable children. And then there were the second leads…

Won Joon-Ha in Stars Falling from the Sky
Won Joon-Ha and Jung Jae-Young were some of the worst second leads I’ve seen in a while. Joon-Ha is the main lead’s young brother and another love interest for the heroine, Pal-Kang. Why does he fall in love with Pal-Kang? I have no idea. In fact, I don’t know whether to blame the actor or the director but Joon-Ha’s expressions are so befuddling when talking to Pal-Kang I can’t tell if he has one ounce of sincerity towards her or not. I found his character super boring and was annoyed that he was always pitying Jae-Young and bothering his brother about not liking her.

Jae-Young in Stars Falling from the Sky
Then there’s Jae-Young. Sigh. Secondary leading ladies are usually rude, controlling and stuck-up and Jae-Young is all of that and worse. I couldn’t like her in anyway nor did I feel any pity for her character. She’s bizarrely and ridiculously obsessed with the hero, Won Kang-Ha. I can’t relate to someone this insanely controlling. I mean, after YEARS of rejection can a girl not take a hint? Just find someone else who will actually show interest in you, Jae-Young! She even blackmails Kang-Ha into getting engaged to her and is totally okay with this. The drama tries to change her at the end (meaning the last two episodes) but it's too late to believe in a 180 change like that.


  1. Freaking Joon Ha! I could not freaking stand his character. Every time he was on screen I just wanted him to disappear. He was such a slimy, stupid character. His love for Pal Kang made zero sense and just made me want to bop him upside the head. It rang way too much of, my brother has it and so I want it!

    Don't get me started on Jae Young. I mean seriously, what the heck did she even see in him to want him that much!? He was a douche until Pal Kang came around. I really loathed her.

    1. Hahaha, oh yes! The loathe-able second leads. Joon-Ha really did come off as slimy and stupid. I mean, would it have killed the writer to come up for a solid reason why he even liked Pal Kang? Lol.

      Jae-Young made even less sense, which is saying a lot.


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