Challenge: Day 21 – Most Overrated Drama


Well, I’m going to have to choose Secret Garden for this. I totally understand if many fans don’t feel the same way. It’s an extremely popular K-drama and I’m pretty certain I’m in the minority on this one. I do agree that the main couple has loads of chemistry (actress Ha Ji-Won is known for her great chemistry with her leading men) and Ha Ji-Won is gorgeous and awesome as usual.

But for me, I found the story wanting with erratic pacing and a boring story line. Also, the main premise about the body-switching doesn’t happen until way into the drama, which felt very odd to me. I didn’t like the second lead characters at all. And I really didn’t like the main hero.

As I briefly touched upon in drama cliché that you wish would stop earlier, the hero, Kim Joo-Won, annoyed me. A lot. The way he would put the heroine down for being poor was sooo frustrating. I really believed he had a split personality as he would be mediocrely nice one moment and then the next call the heroine trash and put her down because she wasn’t in the same class as him. I can understand if Joo-Won’s parents and other people treat Ra-Im badly; but not the hero. And if the hero does do that, he needs to change before I can root for a romance between them. Or at least apologize sincerely (and don’t repeat those stinky actions after apologizing, lol). There was a lot of head-banging and sighing on my part as it kept going on and on. I also didn’t like that the heroine, Gil Ra-Im, a stunt actress who regularly trains in martial arts and kicks butt gets constantly wrist-grabbed and pushed around by a wimpy rich guy. How?? In the drama’s defense, it did have a lot of funny moments and some memorable romantic moments. Still, I feel this drama is perhaps overrated.


  1. I can see where you are coming from, even if I did really like this drama! When I rewatch it now, I am surprised by how bored I get and how much fast forwarding I do. I remember loving it so much, way back in the beginning of my Kdrama obsession. But I think I've seen what good dramas are really like, and Secret Garden does fall short, even if it is one of those I will always love.

    1. I did a lot of fast-forwarding through my first watching, lol. But I do get loving a drama that falls short - I've loved plenty of those. I definitely don't think Secret Garden is terrible... just not the best, lol.


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