Challenge: Day 23 – Saddest Moment

 Can You Hear My Heart poster
Whoops! Saturday blazed by before I even realized I’d forgotten to post day 23 of the challenge. I guess forgetting 1 out of 23 so far isn’t too bad, right? For saddest moment, I decided to choose a more understated moment rather than everyone tragically dying at the climax.

Can You Hear My Heart, a melodrama, had a lot of emotional moments with characters regularly sobbing their guts out. One of the saddest moments to me was not a scene of wailing and angsty tears but one that broke the viewer’s heart as it showed how broken two brothers’ relationship had become. Jang Joon-Ha became Cha Dong Joo’s older adoptive brother in a complicated turn of events (Dong Joo’s mom wanted revenge on her second husband, who unknowingly had a son Joon-Ha with another woman… so Dong-Joo’s mom adopted Joon-Ha to get revenge on her husband. lol). Joon-Ha and Dong-Joo had always been extremely close but when Joon-Ha finally learned that he was just a pawn for Dong-Joo’s mom, the bromance turned dangerous.

The moment starts with Joon-Ha turning out the light in a room that Dong-Joo is in. He’s taunting Dong-Joo’s fear of being in the dark (Dong-Joo is deaf and it scares him to be without both of his senses). In a painfully cold move, Joon-Ha shuts the door on Dong-Joo and leaves him. However, by this time Dong-Joo has grown far more than Joon-Ha knows and is able to find his way out of the room without having a panic attack. As a viewer seeing Joon-Ha, the one who originally looked out for his younger brother and protected him, using Dong-Joo’s vulnerabilities against him was so heartbreaking. And also infuriating, lol.


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