Challenge: Day 24 – Funniest Moment

Hilarious and laugh out loud moments are just the best. One of the reasons I loved the K-drama Protect the Boss so much was it’s crazy, funny moments. The writers took many K-drama tropes and twisted them around in a delightful way. One my FAVORITE moments in the drama was the fight between the guy leads – Cha Ji-Hun and Cha Moo-Won.

Ji-Hun and Moo-Won are your typical second-generation chaebol (sons of mega-rich CEOs) who are both vying for positions in their parents’ company (the boys are cousins with Ji-Hun’s dad and Moo-Won’s mom both having seats on the board). Things finally get to a boiling point with Ji-Hun and Moo-Won both falling for the same girl, Secretary No Eun-Sol.

This is all typical K-drama fare – two rich guys both fighting for one girl which would usually lead to an intense, punching, bloody fight. Right? However, Protect the Boss doesn’t disappoint and instead delivers an absolutely hilarious fight as the boys have (realistically) never fought anyone before! Instead, an insane cat-fight ensues with them slapping each other, hair pulling and rolling on the ground struggling. Lol. Genuis. It’s further made hilarious by the fact that secretary No Eun-Sol is trying to stop the people in the restaurant from taking pictures of them fighting. Hahhaha. I clearly love this too much.


  1. This is my favorite scene from this drama hands down ;)

    1. This scene makes me way too happy. :D :D


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