Challenge: Day 25 – Cringe Worthy Moment

I don’t know if I could pick just one cringe worthy moment in Time Slip Dr. Jin. I mean there’s so much to choose from! Like all the gratuitous surgeries with blood and more blood.

Dr. Jin - perhaps contemplating how bad his show became
What really takes the cake though is that Dr. Jin time-traveled back to the 1860s in Joseon (Korea) – so he’s doing surgeries back then with limited tools and only his amazing super brained knowledge. Like doing C-sections… without anesthesia (or a hospital). Or heart surgery where he literally holds someone’s heart to pump it back to life or removes a bullet from someone’s lungs!! Or a romantic ballad playing in the background while Dr. Jin pops the heroine’s oozy foot blister. I seriously wish I was making it up at this point. I don’t know if I can go on; I’m honestly dying of laughter right now at how bad and insane this show was. In my defense, I fast-forwarded a lot of the later episodes and just watched the scenes with my favorite characters (which wasn't Doctor Jin or the heroine). 

However, I'm choosing the scene where the king was talking with his political ministers about serious business and then leans over to let out some flatulence – which makes the king happily chuckle and all his ministers awkwardly look around. You see, Dr. Jin saved his life with surgery (and a blood transfusion to boot) and told him once he passed gas he could eat again. Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now. Perhaps this should’ve been put in funniest moment instead, lol.

another Dr. Jin pic; you're welcome


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