Challenge: Day 26 – Most Boss Scene

How does time go so fast?? After forgetting the drama challenge for a few days, I decided to fix that over the weekend – only to get sick. Lol. Not fun. However, I’m back and feeling a lot better so I’m excited to finish up this drama challenge this week.

Revenge-crazy Dad on stolen bus
For most boss scene (with the idea that boss is freakin’ awesome, intense and overall exciting), I chose the scene from City Hunter where Lee Yoon-Sung is driving along when he sees his dad in back in Korea and driving a bus (which Dad commandeered). Yoon-Sung knows that Dad’s planning big bad revenge plans and tries to intervene hoping to keep people from getting hurt. He immediately pursues him and tries to get in front of him and force him to slow down – however Dad just shoves the small car with his bus. 

Yoon-Sung ready to do whatever it takes
Finally, Yoon-Sung speeds up ahead and parks his car in the middle of the road. He stands on the car, telling Dad – you’ll have to go through me. Sadly, Dad hasn’t sacrificed everything in his life for revenge to not go through with it. He doesn’t hesitate in sideswiping the car; Yoon-Sung falls off but luckily is okay. The tension is mounting through the roof between these two.


  1. :D I adored this scene, completely. Although, CH is my favorite drama, so I kind of adored the whole thing....XD

    1. CH is a great one. Definitely worth being a favorite. :D


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