Challenge: Day 29 – A Drama You Wished was Real

There’s two different answers I can come up with for this question – one about a drama that I merely wished existed in reality and the other that I would exist in the reality of this drama. Obviously I’d be cool with a lot of dramas being real… but I’d probably only want to exist in the happy ones.

I’d like it if My Princess were real – a long lost Korean princess being put on the throne sounds cool. However, it’d be more awesome if I were the princess. Hehe.

I’d also like it if My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was real because there could be gumiho people and whatever/whoever No Min Woo was (some kind of mythical being himself, but I can’t remember the details).

 And Rooftop Prince! Because how awesome would it be if we had a prince and his adorable sidekicks time traveling to the future for real?


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