And Even More Top Ten Couples! Part 2

Yay! Part 2 of TTC is here! More wonderful OTPs here that make me smile and want to re-watch way too many episodes.

Just so you know, my rating system is seriously biased. I may like a boring couple from a mediocre drama better than a glorious couple from a tear-inducing, heartbreaking drama just cause I’m that way (in layman’s terms: I’m crazy). Let the fun henceforth begin!

And Even More Top Ten K-Drama Couples! 
(Part 2)

BTS of Noguk and Gongmin
5.  Queen Noguk & King Gongmin (Faith/The Great Doctor)
                I chose the lead couple from Faith in my first Top Ten K-drama Couples and now I have the secondary couple! I really love stories of arranged marriages/marriages of conveniences where the couple falls in love along the way. Noguk and Gongmin start out with cold bitterness towards each other; he was forced to marry her as he’s a “puppet” king with little control, and she was forced to leave her home country of Yuan (then China). Their story was lovely and another reason I love the drama so much.
                A Favorite Moment: Noguk and Gongmin’s many disagreements over Gongmin’s lack of political power.

Cho-Rim and Moo-Gak with an almost kiss pic
4.  Oh Cho-Rim & Detective Choi Moo-Gak (The Girl Who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple)
                We need more couples like this one! Cho-Rim and Mu-Gak are the absolute cutest of any couples I’ve seen. There’s so much fun and adorableness about them that they really feel like the couple next door. And it’s Yoochun people (he plays Moo-Gak).
                A Favorite Moment: Moo-Gak gets Cho-Rim to kiss him multiple times to see if he can feel it (a previous accident left him with no feeling). Lol. Nice work, Moo-Gak.

Eun-Oh and Arang
       3.  Arang & Eun-Oh (Arang and the Magistrate)
                I almost gave up on this drama as it was a bit slower than I expected. So glad I stuck with it because I fell head over heels for this couple. Arang is loudly charismatic and lovable while Eun-Oh is intense at times and weighed down with past burdens. Okay, they’re both weighed down with dark secrets of the past, lol, but their chemistry is really undeniable.
                A Favorite Moment: Eun-Oh kissing Arang as she comes back to life. Tears and swooning.

Lee Do and Dan-Bi in another almost kiss pic
2. Dan-Bi & the King/Lee Do (Splash Splash Love)
This was only a 2-episode drama and perhaps that’s why this couple is way up here. Because I only got a small taste of this wonderful, too-cute for words couple and I just want more! Dan-Bi and Lee Do are hilarious and sweet and so precious and I love them together.
                A Favorite Moment: Lee Do confessing his feelings to Dan-Bi and embracing her.

Jung and Seol happy
1. Hong Seol & Yoo Jung (Cheese in the Trap)
                Controversial, I know. Not because of the couple but the show – if you know anything about CITT, most likely you’ve heard of the conflict between the crew and cast and also the fans' (including me) disappointment with the changes in the story. But ignoring that, I really like this couple. Even if at times Jung was so ambiguously created that I had no idea where he stood morally, on-screen Seol and Jung had fantastic chemistry.
                A Favorite Moment: The first kiss on the bench in the park. Replayed way too many times.


  1. I fell for the king and queen in Faith so hard! Her troubles after being kidnapped absolutely broke my damn heart.

    I love Moo Gak and Cho Rim! They really were just insanely adorable :p

    I started Cheese in the Trap, and I think I got 3 episodes in before someone told me to stop it because they knew I would hate the ending. And then I heard about all of the controversy, and so I did go ahead and drop it. So it's interesting to see them make the list, when so many people I know ended up being really angry with the drama!

    1. Yes! I shipped the king and queen so hard as well. Too good.

      Lol, yes there's really a lot of controversy with CITT. Honestly, I was extremely disappointed with the ending as well. However, I ended up getting behind on the drama near the end - just as all the articles about the controversy started popping up. So in a way, it prepared me a bit when I realized what was going on. Even still I enjoyed the drama; there was so much different about CITT from other K-dramas. It defied a lot of tropes (at least during the first half) and really made you think. Still a fascinating story even if the ending was butchered, haha.


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