Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – 7 Likes and Dislikes

So I saw Batman Vs. Superman the last week of March. I went with my siblings which, as always, was a lot of fun especially as we immediately discussed the movie once the credits started rolling, kept talking in the car, and then spent half an hour analyzing and dissecting the film once we got home. We got very loud, not because we were angry, lol, but we all had a lot to say and we all wanted to say it at once. Though our opinions differed on some aspects, overall we felt the same about a lot of the film.


As the movie has been out about a month now, I feel like this is a good time to post this. By now, fans who were dying to see the film already have so they won't have to worry about a spoilerish post.

Overall, I found the movie disappointing but I went in expecting to be disappointed, so I wasn’t surprised. My sister went with low expectations, though, and said it was better than she anticipated. So you can see there are some contradicting personal opinions within my own family, haha. For me the film was really boring – for the first hour and a half I just wanted the movie to be over or at least do something to hold my interest. The last thirty minutes or so got more exciting but I still had problems with the climax.

For this post I decided to try and be fair. I could easily have a rant of a hundred things I disliked, loathed, and face-palmed over in this film but instead I’m going to choose 7 things I Disliked and then to counter that, I’ll have 7 things I Liked. Which means I’ll have to dig really hard for some shining nuggets…

Batman Vs. Superman – 7 Likes & 7 Dislikes

young Bruce in Batman Begins
#1 Dislike
The opening was WAY too much like Batman Begins. The running, the falling into a well, the bats attacking Bruce. None of that was necessary. Also, little Bruce levitating with the bats came off as cheesy. My brother and I exchanged crazy looks during this scene, silently asking whyyy is this happening?

#1 Like
Bruce Wayne driving into Metropolis when the city was falling apart (when Superman and Zod fought). I loved the contrast of him getting in the city as others were leaving, fueled by his devotion to his workers. Because to Bruce, his people are his family. I was annoyed though that Bruce was going through horrible debris dust storms and coming out looking pristine. Hahaha

#2 Dislike
Way too many dream sequences. It was like Man of Steel all over again but instead of confusing and incessant flashbacks we just got dreams… and dreams within dreams. Is this Inception?

Alfred Pennyworth
#2 Like
All the Bruce and Alfred moments. Because Alfred is precious and I think that their relationship best reveals Bruce’s character. Also, Alfred wanting grandkids and bugging Bruce about finding a good woman! Yes, I believe that Alfred is Bruce’s surrogate papa. Obviously, hehe.

#3 Dislike
Lex Luthor. I think this is more of a personal preference but I didn’t like the version of Lex we got. I’ve always thought of Luthor as a very cunning, ruthless businessman but this Lex is just typical psycho. It felt like a very poor attempt at creating another Heath Ledger’s Joker; yet this Lex felt annoying and not threatening. Also, I didn’t understand Luthor’s motive… he had a bad experience with religion, thus he needs to disprove "god"? Um, okay?

#3 Like
Superman saving Lois from falling off the high rise. Because I’m romantic, okay? Hahah.

#4 Dislike
Lois Lane’s bathtub scene. So utterly dumb. No point whatsoever. Just a way to put an almost-but-not-quite nude scene of a woman in a film.

#4 Like
Martha Kent’s funny line to Batman. Seriously, the only moment in the movie that made me slightly laugh and smile.

supervillain Doomsday
#5 Dislike
General “Zombie” Zod as Doomsday. He’s just a boring, pointless monster. Oh, and why did Lex need to give Zod some of his blood? Totally unexplained.

#5 Like
The courthouse scene with Superman. Supes had a lot of quiet emotion that I liked. Wish he could’ve had a scene with Lois or someone where he talked about his fears/problems. Would’ve been nice to understand more of what he was feeling during this time.

#6 Dislike
The overuse of the god vs. man allegory. I don’t mind the allegory for the story; in a way it shows everyone’s warped idea of Superman. He’s not human to them simply because he has great abilities, yet he’s just a guy like all of them trying to live his life right. No one really wants to know him as a person but as a fearful Thing. But eventually that allegory was abused with how often it was thrown out in dialogue. Lex was the greatest offender. I don’t think he said more than a sentence or two without “god” or “man” popping out.

#6 Like
Superman’s rage when he learns his mom is in danger. I really love any moment we get to see Superman show feelings and protective son love always breaks my heart.

#7 Dislike
The funeral scene that dragged on for a lifetime.

#7 Like
The Batman and Superman fight. I didn’t love everything about it, but I felt the most invested during this scene than any other point of the movie.


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