Costumes Galore!

I'm staring another series: favorite film/drama costumes!! This is something that I could do for a very long time as I have endless costume favorites. I tried not to get too carried away for the first article but there's just SO MUCH pretty out there! Here are just a few. I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites - as well as your favorite costumes in other films!

Star Wars

This is probably my favorite of all of Padme's costumes. While I love her gigantic, bizarre gowns a lot, I like the simplicity of this one. It's very romantic and has a fantasy medieval-ish feel that I love.

Jupiter Ascending

 I enjoyed this movie despite it's typical story line. And I LOVED Jupiter's awesome space gowns. This is my favorite. It's just extravagant and awesome.


I adore this bright yellow salwar kameez (or churidar; I was having trouble deciding which one it is). It's just gorgeous.


AHHH I LOVE THIS DRESS! I always thought that the 80s fashion was strange and a bit nightmarish..  but the 80s gave me this dress. It is flawless from the hair to the puffiest sleeves ever. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) would've died if she'd seen this dress.

One Night With The King

My favorite thing about this movie - yes, the costumes! So much heartbreaking pretty. I honestly love ALL of Esther's dresses but this one is probably (?) my favorite. It's just incredible.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

This gorgeous salwar kameez is so beautiful! And yes, I know I chose yellow again. But how could I pass this one by?

Star Wars

How can desert hermit attire be so feminine and yet awesome looking all at once??

Queen Seondeok


Deokman's coronation dress is absolutely incredible. The striking red, gold and black - the fantastic crown with gold hanging from it. I NEED THIS!!

The White-Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom

A boring movie but absolutely wonderful costumes (and the scenery was incredible). I really love this outfit - the pure white dress and the outer red robe.


  1. Ooooh, this will be a fantastic blog series!!

    All of these costumes are great. That is one of my favorite of Padme's dresses, too.

    Nearly every time you make a post about things you love, I discover that we have even more in common. Next for us to discuss: Labyrinth and One Night With the King. :)

    1. Aww thanks!!

      The picnic dress is something that I want to wear, ;)

      You have great taste then!! :D

  2. I absolutely LOVE Jupiter's dress.
    That movie is interesting. It's a little cliche, (not to mention Channing Tatum annoys me) but I do love parts.

    1. Her outfits were pretty awesome!
      The movie was interesting - definitely cliche. Channing Tatum's not really a favorite of mine but I agree - I enjoyed parts of the movie. My favorite character was actually Douglas Booth's character. I thought he made a far more interesting villain than Eddie Redmayne's ridiculously hoarse villain lol.

    2. Douglas did a great job.
      I kind of liked Eddie. :)

    3. Douglas did a great job.
      I kind of liked Eddie. :)

  3. SO MUCH YES! So, so, so much yes.

    Please continue!!

    1. *High five* Oh yes! Movie fashion makes me too happy. :D

      I should continue! Hopefully more in 2017. ;)


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